AN ACT to amend Chapter 117, of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware, as amended by Chapter 64, Volume 31, Laws of Delaware, pro- viding for the Compensation of Trustees in certain cases.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That 3869 A, Section 26 A, of Chapter 117, of the Revised Code, as amended by Chapter 64, Volume 31, Laws of Delaware, is hereby amended by striking out all of 3869 A, Section 26 A, of said Chapter, and by substituting in lieu thereof the following Section to be styled "3869 A, Section 26 A": "3869 A. Section 26 A. Whenever the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, or any other Bureau, Officer or Department of the Government of the United States of America is authorized and directed to pay to any former soldier, sailor or marine or other person any compensation, bonus, pension, maintenance or other sum of money and the said Bureau, Officer or Department shall require that a Trustee or Guardian be appointed to receive the same for such person, the Chancellor, upon a petition by such person, or any other person in his or her behalf, setting forth the facts, shall, upon proof of the facts therein set forth, appoint a trustee or guardian with authority to receive the said monies and to disburse and account for the same as the Chancellor shall from time to time direct. That there shall be no charge made by any public officer nor any costs taxed or allowed by the Court or Chancellor upon any proceedings in and about the said petition or appointment or subsequent proceedings thereunder, but the Trustee or Guardian so appointed shall be entitled to such reasonable compensation and expenses as the Chancellor shall allow.

Approved April 17, A. D. 1925.