AN ACT to amend an Act, entitled "An Act conferring certain powers on the State Board of Health with reference to Drainage and the Construction and maintenance of Cesspools and Privy Wells in and near the town of Newark. Said Act being Chapter 56, Volume 33, Laws of Delaware.

WHEREAS, the Legislature has granted to the State Board of Health the power to regulate the construction and maintenance of cesspools and privy wells in and near the town of Newark for the protection of the public health and water supply, and

WHEREAS, all the incorporated towns should receive the benefit of the same protection.

Be it therefore enacted that Chapter 56, Volume 33 of the Laws of Delaware be and the same is hereby amended as follows:

By inserting in lieu of the words "Town of Newark" in every instance, the words "all incorporated towns."

By inserting in Section 2 after the words "privy wells" the words "and other drainage systems."

By inserting in Section 4 after the words "privy wells" the words "and all other drainage."

By inserting an additional section to be known as Section 6a:

Section 6a. "That all plans for the construction of water supply systems and sewage systems or additions thereto or alterations in the existing systems shall be submitted to the State Health and Welfare Commission for its approval before the construction shall be started upon the same."

Approved April 2, A. D. 1925.