AN ACT giving the consent of the Legislature of the State of Delaware to the purchase by the United States of Land within this State for the purpose of erecting Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dockyards and other needful Buildings.

Be enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives the Slate of Delaware In General Assembly met:

SECTION 1. That the consent of the Legislature of Delaware be and the same is hereby given to the purchase by the Government of the United States, or under the authority of the same, of any tract, piece or parcel of land not exceeding one hundred acres in any one place or locality from any individual or individuals, bodies politic or corporate, within the boundaries or limits of the State of Delaware, for the purpose of erection thereon of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings; and all deeds, conveyances, or title papers for the same shall be recorded as in other cases upon the land records of the county ill which the land so conveyed may be situated ; and ill like manner may be recorded a sufficient description, by metes and bounds, courses and distances, of any tracts, legal divisions, of any public land belonging to the United States, which may be set apart by the general government for any or either of the purposes before mentioned, by an order patent, or other official document or papers so describing such land. The consent herein and hereby given being in accordance with the eighteenth clause of the eighth Section of the first Article of the Constitution of the United States, and with the Acts of Congress in such cases made and provided.

SECTION 2. The lots, parcels, or tracts of land so selected, together with the tenements and appurtenances, for the purposes before mentioned, shall be held exempt from taxation by the State of Delaware.

SECTION 3. The sovereignty and jurisdiction of this State shall extend over all lands hereafter acquired by the United States within the limits of this State, so far as that all civil and criminal process, issued by virtue of any law of this State, may be executed in any part of the lands so acquired, or the building or structures thereon erected.

Approved May 19, A. D. 1898.