Delaware General Assembly


Whereas, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

Now, therefore, I, C. D. Buck, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. A. Davis Co., A. A. Henninge, Inc., A. A. Rollestone Company, The, A. B. C. Connector Corporation, Ltd., A. D. Cummins & Co., Inc., A. F. Wheeler Furniture Corporation, A. H. Ivins, Inc., A. & H. Trading Company, A. J. Levy Lumber Company, Inc., A. J. Russell & Co., Inc., A. J. Wardrep Sons Company, A. J. Wilson Company Inc., A. M. Rovin Laboratories, Inc., A. Norden Agency, Inc., Abdou Press Corporation, Al Safety Razor Corporation, A. S. Roberts Machine & Grinding Service, Incorporated, Aachen Title & Guarantee Trust Co., Inc., A. W. Smith Company, Action Advertising Corporation of America, Accommodation Discount Corporation, Acme Fireproof Door Mfg. Co., Acme Gasoline and Oil Co., Inc., Acme Hardware & Supply Co., Acacia Investment Securities Co., Acadia Land Company, Acme Manufacturing Company, Inc., Ace Petroleum Corporation, Acme Security Corporation, The, Adams Bleecker Tire Company, Adventure Corporation of North America, The, Adkins, Inc., Aderton Johnson & Mayer Inc., Advertised National Products Shares, Inc., Ad-O-Graph Corporation. Adamson-Ott Co., Adelphia Steamship Corporation, Adams Tire Company, Adams, Wood & Co., Adams Your Hatter & Furnisher, Inc., Aetna Acceptance Corporation, Airport Advertising Inc., Aircraft Appliance Sales Corporation, Ajax Builders Supply Company, Aeromatic Basketball Corporation, Aeronautical Corporation, The, Aetna Company, The, Agalyn Corporation, The, Agnard Corporation, Airite Corporation, Airport Consultants, Incorporated, Aero-Electric Heat Light and Power Corporation, Aircraft Engine and Accessory Development Corporation, Affiliated Equities, Inc., African Foreign Tropical Products Company, Transporters, Exporters & Importers, The, Airplane Food Markets and Express Company, Aeronautical Foundation Inc., Affiliated Hotels Bureau, Inc., Agencies Holding Corporation, Ajax Heating Company Inc., Aircraft Improvement Corporation, Aeromarine Klemm Corporation, Air Legion, Inc., The, Air Line Express, Inc., Affiliated Lecture and Concert Association Inc., The, Airport Lighting Inc., Aero Marine Searchlight Corporation, Airplane and Motor Sales, Incorporated, Aero-Marine Associates, Inc., Airplane & Marine Direction Finder Inc., Airway Revolving Sign Co. of Delaware, Inc., Aircraft Radio Corporation, Airkooled Sparkplug Co., Inc., Airways Service Co., Affiliated Securities Corporation, Aeronautical Service of America, Inc., Aeronautical Schools Inc., Aero-Special Refining Company, African Tropical Products Co., Air-Vactor, Inc., Airgard Ventilator Corp., Alexander Corporation, Albert F. Kramer Aviation Corporation, The, Alexander Ferguson, Inc., Alaska Gold Mining & Developing Corporation, The, Alabama Gulf Oil Corporation, Alabama Home Trust Company, Alex Madjaric & Co., Alaska Nabesna Corporation, Albas Oil Development Company, Alamac Properties, Inc., Alex Y. Malcomson Company, Allied American Corporation, Allied Aviation Industries Inc., Allegheny Auto Trunk Corporation, Allen Automatic Tag Machinery Corporation of America, Alpha Baking Co., The, Allied Business Corporation Shares, Inc., Alpha Catering Company, Allied Clothiers, Inc., Allied Dealers Acceptance Corporation, Alma Draft Gear Corporation, Allan E. Walker Investment Company, Allied Food Products Corporation, Allen Francis Bard, Inc., Allen Factory and Laboratories Co., Ltd., Allied Fireworks Manufacturers, Inc., Alpha Hat Company, Allied Mercury Corporation, Allied Minerals, Inc., Allen Motor Freight Company, Alma Mining Co., Allen Manufacturing Company, Inc., Allied Manufacturing Corporation, Allan Manufacturing and Electrical Corporation, Allied Motor Industries, Inc., Almadura-Memphis Corporation, Allied Oil Corporation, Allied Production Company, Allen R. Smart Corporation, The, Almar Stores Company, Allied Securities System, Inc., Allied Theatrical Productions, Inc., Allied Utilities Company, Allen-Wales Corporation, Allen Walker & Company, Inc., Aluminum Chloride and Oil Refining Corporation, Alturas Mineral Springs, Limited, Alyce Securities Company, The, Alworth-Stevens Hild Company, Altoona Tool and Industrial Equipment Company, Amerol Bank-insurance Shares Inc., Ames Chemical Company, Inc., Amea Co., Inc., Amcord Corporation, Ampere Corporation, Amerimex Engineering Corporation, Amropa Engineering Corporation, Amcan Hydraulic Brake Co., Amelia Mines and Minerals Corporation, Amex Mining Company, Ambler Motor Company, Amerispana Petroleum Company, Amalgamated Silk Corporation, Amalgamated Typograhers Inc., American Atlas Corporation, American Onimated Advertising Corporation, American Accommodation Co., Inc., American Airports Corporation, American Association Companies, Inc., American Automatic Dispensing Company, American Brick Company, American Bankers Acceptance Corporation, American Broadcasting & Amusement Corporation, American Book Co., Inc., American Boll Weevil Elimination Company, The, American Bindery Corporation, American Building & Investment Corporation, American Commonwealths Securities Corporation, American Cane Products Corporation, American Creditors' Finance Corporation, American Council of Foreign Bondholders, Inc., American Canadian Everlight Corporation, American & Cuban Construction Co., American Coal and Fuels Corporation, American Credit Bankers, Inc., American Coat and Apron Supply Inc., American Catadyn Company, American Collateral Corporation, American Commonwealth Corporation, American Constant Company, American Cemeteries Inc., American Commonwealths Power Corporation, American Community Power Company, American-Canadian Utilities, Corporation, American Distribution Corporation, American Die & Forge Company, American Eagle-Lincoln Aircraft Corporation, American Empire Power Corporation, The, American Exploration Co., American European Match Corporation, American Exhaust Purifier Corporation, American Electric Switch Corporation, The, American Eagle Underwriters, Inc., American Expansion Wheel Corporation, The, American Fishing and Packing Corporation, American Food Products, Incorporated, American Fiduciary Agency, Inc., American Foreign Trading Corporation, American Fuse Corporation, American Fireworks Co. of St. Louis, Inc., American Forecault Machine Company, American Fuel and Power Company, American Fur Ranch, Inc., American General Corporation, The, American Gas Service Company, The, American Gear-Shift Company, Inc., American House Furnishing Company, American-Indian Medicines, Incorporated, American Incorporated Light Company, American Industrial Gas Corporation, American Insured Investors, Inc., American Italian Commercial Corporation, American Kambi Company, American Lubricating Co., American Mica, Incorporated, American Medical Assurance Corporation, American Mutual Aid Association, American Memorial Corporation, American Mortgage Company of California, The, American Manufacturers and Dealers Corporation, American Metal Products Corporation, American Mortgage & Realty Co., American-Oriental Advertising Company, Ltd., The, American Oil & Gas Royalty Corporation, American Oil Royalties Osage Corporation, American Oil Royalties Seminole Corporation, American Petroleum Corporation, The, American Participating Finance Corporation, American Pharmaceutical Corporation, The, American Poultry Products, Inc., American Process Corporation, American Public Corporation, American Progress Company, Inc., American Process Gas and Metal Corporation, American Paulin System, Inc., The, American Russian Ukranian Association, American Saving and Credit Corporation, American Seamless Container Company, American Solvents & Chemical Corporation, American Steamship Corporation, American and Scottish Investment Company, American Shares, Inc., American Society of Model Engineers, Inc., American States Utilities Company, American Taxpayers, Inc., American Telephone Share Company, The, American Television and Radio Corporation, American Textiles, Inc., American Tung Oil and Products Corporation, American Utilities & General Corporation, American Utilities Service Co., American Vibrolithic Corporation, American Voting Machine Corporation, American Walnut Produtcs, Inc., American Welded Tube Co., Anderson, Baschen & Co., Anakin Company, The, Anacondia Gold Mines, Inc., Anderson Lumber Company, Inc., The, Andes Petroleum Corporation, Anderson Trucking Company, Inc., Ansophone Corporation, Antoxylin Chemical Corporation of Delaware, Ankerite Corporation of America, Andron Company, Inc., Animated Display Corporation of America, The, Antilles Enterprises, Incorporated, Antonio J. Errichetti, Inc., Anglin's Financial and Economic Services, Inc., Ankl-Glov Products Corporation, Angelo Julian Company, Anhydrous Metallic Chlorides Corporation, The, Anglo-Mexican Mines, Inc., Ann Phillips, Inc., Annetta Steamship Corporation, Angelo Vespertino Company, Inc., The, Apple Candy, Inc., Appliance Corporation, The, Appollo Oil Company, Apple Products Corporation, Apex Paper Manufacturing Company, Aqua-Zinc Process, Inc., Arkansas Anthracite Coal Marketing Company, Armstrong Appliance Corporation, Arts Building, Inc., Art Craft Pictures Corporation, Arcade Company, Arthur Conners Corporation Argonaut Development Company, Aransas Harbor Corporation, Artwall Incorporated, Arizona Jupiter Mines Incorporated, Arnold Leo's Corporation, Argentina Mining Company, Arthur N. Few & Co., Incorporated, Arctic Nu Air Corporation, Arnett Oil Company, Arc Products Corporation, The, Argus Properties, Incorporated, Arrowlock Products Company, Ltd., Arcady Properties, Incorporated, Art Print Shop, Inc., The, Arlac Stencil Corporation, Armstrong Seadrome Development Company, Arista Trading Corporation, Armored Tire and Rubber Company, Inc., Arden Weavers, Inc., Associate Acceptance Corporation, Associated Broadcasters of America, Inc., Associated Credit Stores, Inc., Associated Employees Investment Inc., Associated Equities, Inc., Association for International Credits, Inc., Associated Farmers Inc., Associated Inventions, Inc., Associated Industrial Bankers Corporation, Associate Industry Corporation, Associated Investors of New York Incorporated, Asper-Lax, Inc., 'Associated Managers, Inc., Associated News Reels Inc., Associated Power and Light Corporation, Ash Removals Patent Corporation, Associated Realty Owners, Inc., Associated Specialties, Inc., Associated Service Gas & Oil Corporation, Asiatic Transport Company, Atlantic Benefit Association, Atlas Chemical Corporation, Atlantic City Motor Speedway Association, Athens Fuel Gas Company, Atlas Gas & Utilities Company, Atlantic Gas and Electric Corporation, Atlantic Navigation Corporation, Atlantic Realty Company, Atlas Radio Company., Inc., Atlantic Stages Inc., Atlas Towel Supply Company, Atlantic Utilities Securities Corporation, Atlas Wrecking Corporation, Austrian & American Securities Company, Inc., The, Aukburgs Bargain House Inc., Automobile Bankers Association, Inc., Automatic Baseball Incorporated, Automatic Canteen Company of Boston, Autopat Company, The, Auburn Cord Roxborough Co., Autobacconist Corporation, The, Autodraulic Corporation, Avenue Company, Automotive Corporation of America, Automatic Connector Corporation, Auto-Comfort Touring, Inc., Automatic Film Machine Corporation, Avileo Flying Corporation, Automatic Hook Corporation, Automatic Income Builders, Inc., Automatic Loader Corporation, Automatic Machine Co., Ava Oil & Gas Company, Automatic Pump Company of Delaware, Automatic Pin Setting Company, Augur Petroleum Company, Automatic Phonograph Corporation, Automatic Pistols, Inc., Automobile Reconditioning Contract Corporation, Automobile Radio Corporation, Audet Steel and Rim Co., Automatic Shaving Brush Company, Auto Service Stations, Inc., Auto-Science Association, Automatic Sales Corporation of Delaware, Automatic Signal Corporation of Massachusetts, Auto Safety Fender and Brake Corporation, Automatic Time Switch Co., Auto Transit Inc., Automatic Truck Loader Corporation, Aurora Woolen Mills Corporation.

B. & B. Anthracite Coal Company, B. and C. Transportation Co., Inc., B. E. Nickoll Land Co., B. G. Goble Mfg. Co., B. G. Sandwich Shops, Incorporated of Los Angeles, B. and G. Rubber Manufacturing Company, The, B. L. Wigton Oil Company, B-L Engineering Company, Ltd., Baby Laundry Corporation, The, Bacly Manufacturing Company, Baggaley Oil & Gas Company, B. Perlstein, Inc., B. P. Gas & Oil Company, Baird Pneumatic Register Company, Baker's Ice Creams, Inc., Baker's Room Service Bureau, Inc., Baker Sales Company, Bald Deakyne Pile Points Co., Bald Mt.-Homestake Mines Corporation, Baltimore Securities Corporation, Bankers Automatic Thrift Machine, Inc., Banta Corporation, Bankcraft Inc., Bandbox Incorporated, The, Banker's Investment Company, Banco-Kentucky Company, The, Bannack Mines Inc., Bankers' Mortgage Company, Bankers Realization Corporation, Bancsecurities Service Corporation, Bankers Share, Company, Incorporated, The, Bankers Trust Company, Barling Aeronautic Corporation, Barker Baking Company, Inc., Barataria Fisheries. Inc., Barkey Utilities Inc., Barbara Worth Hotel Corporation, Ltd., Barnard Tractor and Equipment Company, Barrett Automatic Keyless Lock Company, Barsoom Fruit Candy Company, Inc., Basic Industries, Inc., Barrel Royalty Corporation, Barre, Trading Corporation Baruch Baking Company, Barzan Corporation, Base Line Coal Company, Bashioum Producer-Retort Company, Bartlett Rayon and Machine Company, Bassett Utilities Corporation, The, Bateman Corporation, Battery Parts Company, Inc., Batavia Plantation Company, Bauxite-Chemical Corporation of America, The, Bavarian Liquid Malt Co., Baumstown Realty Co., Bayrivers Transit Company, Beaufort Development Corporation, Bear Meadows Game Farm, Inc., Beaver Refining Company, Limited, Beaver Valley Stone Company, Bedford Armstrong Corporation, Bedner Boiler Company, Beckley College, Incorporated, Bedford-Torrey Corporation, Bekkedal Brothers, Inc., Belman Burners, Inc., Belle City Manufacturing Company, Belle Chemical Company, Bell Equipment Corporation, Bell Fire Detector Corporation, Belgian French Venezula Oil Corporation, Beloit Sand & Gravel Co., Belcor Trading Corporation, Bego Venezuelan Oil Corporation, Ben Coal Co., Inc., Ben Franklin Bankers Corporation, Benjamin Kaiser & Company, Inc., Benjamin R. Tryce, Incorporated, Benson Theatres, Inc., Berkley-Cook Corporation, Berger Coaster Company, The, Berg Manufacturing Company, Bethesda-Blue Granite Company, Incorporated, Beyer Research Laboratories, Inc., Bethlehem Radio Corporation, Betty Silk Mills, Inc., Beta Sigma FraternityHorological-Alpha Chapter, Inc., Bigelow Building Corporation, Biltmat Construction & Contracting Corporation, Big Pee Dee Investment Company, Big Shot Gold Company, Bird Aircraft Corporation, Bittles Bakeries, Inc., Bird's Eye Medicine Company General Hospital and School for Nurses, Incorporated, The, Blast Abrasive Corporation, Blandford Corporation, Black Diamond Shirt and Overall Company, Black Eagle Society, Black and White Service Company, Blue Diamond Company, Inc., Blue Diamond Company of Philadelphia, Blue Grass & Black Gold, Incorporated, Blue Mountain Development Co., Inc., The, Blume Provision Company, Blue Ribbon Mines, Inc., Blue Ribbon Oil & Transportation Corporation, Blue Star Petroleum, Corporation, Bloom Studios, Inc., Blue Star Coal Company, Blue Valley Development Company, Boag Building Corporation, Boines Brothers, Inc., Bohlander Iodine Co., Ltd., Boggs Land Company, Bob-O-Link Golf Corporation, Bonded Finance Service, Inc., Books, Inc., Bond Metal Corporation, Booth Publishing Company, Inc., Bonita Plantations Co., Bomor Realty Corporation, Bonded Service Corporation, Bombayreed Willow Furniture Company, Born Drug Stores, Inc., Boston Easy Washer Company, Boston Market House, Incorporated, Bosse Patents, Incorporated, Borst Shackles, Inc., 'Boulevard Miniature Golf Courses, Inc., Bourdette Mining & Development Company, Bourbon Natural Gas Corporation, Boulevard Recreation Company, Bowers' Food Shop, Inc., Bowen's Inc., Bowman Management, Inc., Bradshaw Bros & Co., Bradford County Investment Co., Brainard Company, Brainerd Flour & Feed Mill Co., Brake-On Light, Inc., Bradford-Penn Petroleum Co., Brandimist, Incorporated, Brandt Machinery Company, Branches of Red Star Milling Company, The, Brandywine Securities Corporation, Branson System Inc., The, Bray-land Stock Farm Co., Brent Norman, Inc., Brihall Corporation, Brighter Furniture Factory, Inc., Bridge Players, Inc., Brightwood Sales Corporation, Brick Sheathing Corporation, Bristol Sand & Gravel Co., British War Veterans of America, Incorporated, Broadway-Central Securities Corporation, Brolo, Inc., Broadview Oil & Gas Corporation, Broad Street Motors, Inc., Broadmoor Taxi Company, Brooks-Howard Corporation, Brooks and Hanlon, Incorporated, Broncho, Incorporated, Brooks Steam Motors, Inc., Brown Beverages Corporation, Brownings, Incorporated, Brown-Jaspers Incorporated, Bush Electric Company, Brunswick Financial Corporation, The, Brunswick Land and Lumber Company, Buckcanister Corporation, Bucher & Gibbs Plow Company, The, Buckley Tractor & Equipment Co., Bunyea Beall Productions, Inc., Bunola Coal Co., Bull's Eye Road Marker Corporation, Bullock Iron Works, Inc., Building Material Associates, Inc., Buffalo Special Remedy Company, Inc., Bureau of Financial Research, Inc., Burke Hardware Company, Burkhart Moser Junior Estate, Inc., Burstein Bros., Inc., Burrowes Corporation, The, Burton Orchards, Inc., Burrow's Pharmacal Company, Burr, Stevens & Co., Inc., Burham Trading Corporation, Business Builders Investment Trust, Inc., Byron Corporation, Butane Gas Corporation of America, Butner Laboratories, Incorporated, Byers-Prestholdt Motor Company, Butte Silver, Gold, Copper Company, Byron T. Gifford & Company, Buyers Wholesale Association, Inc.

Cain. Aircraft Corporation, Cab-Ad Corporation of America, C. A. Mixon Incorporated, Cagless Ball Bearing Corporation, Bauer Co., Inc., Cabrey Corporation, Caberfae Corporation, The, Cafe Criterion, Inc., California Development Corporation, C. E. Duffield Petroleum Company, C. T. Thompson, Inc., C. F. Weber & Company, Ltd., C. F. Cleary Co., California Farming Company, Ltd., California Fruit and Vegetable Distributing Company, Inc., C. G. Mackintash & Company, Inc., California Gold Mines Company, California Juneau Gold Mines, Ltd., C. J. Howard, Inc., C. J. Love Coal Company, C. J. Weiser, Incorporated, C. M. Simpler & Co., C. M. Fetterolf & Co., Inc., C. M. Gillingham & Co., Inc., C. M. Reid Coffee Company, C. & 0. Garages, Inc., C. P. Davis and Company, Incorporated, C. & R. Holding Corporation, Caesar Rodney Building and Loan Association, Calland Realty Corporation, C. R. Hoskins Co., Callahan Securities Company, C. S. Watson & Co., Inc., California Stucco Products Company of Philadelphia, C & S Weather Proof Paint Products, Inc., C. Trevor Dunham. Incorporated, Calco 2, Inc., C. W. Carter Mfg. Co., C. & W., Inc., C. & W. Pyle Company, Inc., Cameron Anderson Bell Properties, Inc., Cameron-Anderson-Burnham Properties, Inc., Cameron-Anderson East Texas Properties, Inc., Cameron-Anderson Rusk County Properties, Inc., Cameron-Anderson Shore Line Properties, Inc., Cameron-Anderson Smith County Properties, Inc., Cameron Gasifier Corporation, The, Cameo Record Corporation, Capital Aero Club, Canadian American Public Service Corporation, Capital Bowling, Inc., Capital Building Supply Company, Capitol Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Capitol Clothes, Inc., Capitol Candy School, Inc., Canadian Export Company, Capra Filter Press Corporation, Capital Home Builders Corporation, Cape Henlopen Canning Corporation, Cannon Investment Company, Capital Mortgage & Title Co., Inc., Canam Metals Corporation, Canam-Mex Corporation, Cane Machines Corporation Capital Provision Company, Canton Refrigerators, Inc., Capital Realty Co., Inc., The, Cananova Steamship Corporation, Canadian Southern Finance Corporation, Carbon Black Production Corporation, Carmax Corporation, Carmack Dry Cleaning Company, Carolina-Georgia Service Company, Carawave, Inc., Carolina Industries, Incorporated, Caribean Oil Company of Delaware, Car-Roof Safety Tread Co., Carlin Steel Products Co., Carrier-Brunswick Corporation, Carrot Corporation, The, Carroto Finance Corporation, Carrier Holding Corporation, The, Carsponium, Inc., Carrot Products Corporation, Carroll Tension Corporation, Cascade Dairy Stores, Inc., Cass Holding Corporation, Castings, Metals and Valve Corporation, Castle Petroleum Company, Inc., Central Atlantic Water Workers and Electric Corporation, Central Bond and Mortgage Company, Centre County Development Company, Certified Concrete Products Co., Ceco Corporation, Century Cement Corporation, Central Cotton Oil Company, Catts-Carley Petroleum Company of Delaware, Central Cities Telephone Company, Central Des Moines Corporation, Central Engineering and Construction Co., The, Catskill Evening Line, Inc., Central Fuel Gas Company, Inc., Central Growers Exchange, Inc., Central Groceries Co., Inc., Cavalry Journal, Inc., Central Jersey Investment Corporation, Certified Laboratories, Inc., Certifine Manufacturing Co., Cayo Mambi Steamship Corporation, Central and Nortwest Corporation, Central and Northwest Utilities Company, Central Pattern Company, Causby's Parisian Laboratories, Inc., Certified Roofers, Inc., Cedar Securities Company, Central States Car Rental Company, Cement Securities Investment Corporation, Central States Securities Company, Central Texas Motor Car Corporation, Central Theatres, Inc., Champion Battery Company, Ltd., Chain Grate Incinerator Company, Inc., Chain of Rocks Kingshighway Bridge Company, Chain Store Realty Company (Penna.), Chain Stores Realty and Investment Corporation, Charles A. Bond, Inc., "Charlotte Bowling Alleys, Inc.", Chancellor Corporation, Chapman, Cullens & Co., Charleston Fort Sumter Corporation, Chantry Houses, Inc., Charco, Inc., Charleston Import and Forwarding Company, Charles M. Scott Packing Company, Chapman and Oliphant Company, Charles R. Speaker & Company, Incorporated, Charles Stores, Inc., The, Chaucer Corporation, Chesell Corporation, Chemtex Corporation, The, Chemical Holding Corporation, Chelva Heat, Inc., Cheek's Hygeia Dairy Products, Inc., Chemical Insect Service, Inc., Chatham Investment Corporation, Chautauqua Investors, Inc., Chesapeake & Potomac Company, Incorporated, Checker Sales and Finance Corporation, The, Cherry, Van Leer & Company, Chino-American Corporation, Chinese American Finance Corporation, Chilton Corporation, The, Chiriqui Commercial Company, Chicago & Eastern Airways, Inc., China Hall Association, Incorporated, The, Children's Home Library, Inc., Chicago Nehi Corporation, Chic products, Inc., Chintz Shop, Inc., The, Cine-A-Graph Corporation, Chromium and Aluminum Corporation, The, Cincinnati Agency Development Company, Cinder Block Corporation, Church Bonds & Securities Co., Christie Corporation, Cinder Concrete Units, Inc., Citizens Consolidated Gas Company, Citizens Finance Company, City Finance Corporation, Citizens Gas Corporation, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Corporation, Circle Music Corporation, City National Company of Corpus, City National Company of Huntington Park, Cisco Oil Company, City Produce Company, Inc., The, Citizens Public Service Company, Citizens Securities Corporation, Civic Service Corporation, City Sanitarium, Inc., Civic Utilities Corporation, Clairton Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co., Clark Book Co., Claudia Cosmetic Corporation, Claude Illumination Company, Claredon Mining Company, Clark Oil Company, Clear Creek Consolidated, Inc., Clermont Products Company, Inc., Cleland, Rothpletz and Maxwell, Incorporated, Clear Spring Anthracite Company, Clear Vision Devices Corporation, Clear Vision Printing Company, Clover Coal Company, Click-Me Lock Corporation, Clyde Mills, Inc., Clinton Oil & Gas Company, Cobus Corporation, Coast to Coast Transportation Lines, Inc., Coates Motors, Inc., Coatesville Motor Sales, Inc., Coastal Royalty Corporation, Coast Steamship Company, Codan Company, The, CodLiver Products Company, Coe-Mortimer Company, The, Cohen Bros, Fur Shop, Inc., Colin B. Kennedy Corporation, CoLac Corporation, Ccla-Cocktail Company of Texas, College Nut Company, Inc., Colloid Products, Inc., Colion Apartment Corporation, Colorcraft Corporation, Colonia Company, The, Colonial Containers Corporation, Columbia Chemical Corporation, Columbia Electric Corporation, Colonial Enterprises, Inc., Columbia Finance Corporation, Columbus Finance and Loan Co., Colorado Gas and Fuel Company, The, Colonial Gasoline Company, The, Colonial Marble Company, Inc., Colorado Natural Gas Company, Columbia Oil Company, Colonial Realty Company of Pittsburgh, Colorado River Engineering & Development Company, Colonial Stages, East, Inc., Colonial Stores Company, Colony Trading Corporation, Colonial Transfer & Registrar Trust Co., Colonial Village Swimming & Skating Club, Inc., Combustion Accessories Company, Inc., Community Auditorium, Inc., Community Boosters, Inc., The, Community Credit System, Inc., Commercial Counselors, Inc., Commercial Chemicals Corporation, Community Credit Co., Commerce Coal and Mining Company, Commodity Distributors, Inc., Combination Equity Shares, Inc., Commerce Freight Company, Commonwealth Fuel and Supply Company Communities Gas Service Corporation, Commercial Gas Products Company, Commonwealth Holding Corporation, Commercial Instruments Corporation, Community Loan Company, Commercial Motor Sales Company, Inc., Community Motor Sales, Inc., Compressed Natural Gas Corporation, Commonwealth Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Commercial Super-Imposing Corporation, Ltd., Common Shares, Inc., Commercial Station Post Office Inc., Combined Title Studios, Inc., Commercial Transportation Company, Commercial Travelers and Tourists Association, Inc., Commercial United Finance Corporation, Concentric Air Cells Automatic Co., Concrete Cutting Corporation of Connecticut, The, Concrete Conduit Company, Congress Finance Corporation, Concord Holding Company, Condiment Kitchen Inc., The, Condor Syndicate, Incorporated, Confer Stores, Inc., Conco Temperature Control Corporation, Concrete Treatment Materials, Inc., Connecticut Avenue Corporation, Connecticut Industrial Credit Corporation, Conservation Appliances, Inc., Consumers Auto Supply Company, The, Conservation Corporation of America, Consolidated Caribbean Oil Corporation, Consolidated Candy Corporation, Consolidated Canners Corporation, Consolidated Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Consolidated Engineering & Supply Company, Construction Equipment Distributors, Inc., Conservative Finance Corporation, Consolidated Graphite Corporation, Consolidated Insurance Brokers, Inc., Consolidated Marble Corporation, Consumers Motor Fuel, Inc., Consumers Material Corporation, Consolidated Motors, Inc., Consolidated Neon Sign Corporation, Consolidated Oil & Gas Corporation, Consumers Oil & Grease Company, Consolidated Public Service 'Corporation, Consolidated Research Corporation, Construction Reports, Inc., Consolidated Shares Corporation, Consumers Sand Company, Consolidated Southern Farms, Inc., Consolidated Tin Mines Corporation, Consumers Utilities Corporation, Consolidated Wood Products Company, The, Continental Amusement Company, Continental Breweries, Inc., Continental Credit Corporation, Contracting Corporation of America, Continental Drugs, Inc., Continental Finance & Credit Corporation, Continental Land Value Corporation, Continental Marketing Corporation, Conversion Products Corporation, Continental Securities Corporation of Alabama, Continental Share Corporation Ltd., Continental Seaboard Corporation, Convex Screen Corporation, Continental Television Corporation, Continental Valve & Equipment Company, Inc., Cook County Finance Corporation, Cook County Lumber Company, Co-Operative Utilities Co., Inc., , Cooper and Brush Newberger Cotton Company, Inc., Copley Clothes Inc., Coopersburg Cabinet Works Inc., Co-Operative Merchandising System, Inc., Copper-Queen-Tunnel Company, Inc., Cooney & Small Engineering Co., Inc., Cornelius Benjamin Company, Corn Belt Loan & Discount Corporation, Corporate Founders, Incorporated, Corporation Holding Company Inc., Corona Mines Inc., Cordona Oil and Potash Co., Corona Silica, Inc., Costa Corporation, Cosmograph Company, Inc., The, Corry Fur Farms Inc., Cosmopolitan Oil Company, Cortlandt Pictures Corporation of California, Ltd., Costa Rica Fruit and Candy Corporation, Covell Corporation, The, Cotton Picker Company of America, Courtland Properties Inc., Cotton-Todd & Company Inc., Coward Bros., Inc., Cowles-Langenheim Corporation, Coward Shoe Inc., The, Cragmere-Cummings Incorporated, Crason Corporation, Crawford-Dyer & Co., Craft Film Laboratories, Inc., Crawford-Lewis Corporation, Cramp-Morris Industrials, Incorporated, Craig & Nelson, Inc., Credit Adjustment Corporation, The, Crescent Amusement Corporation, Credit Bankers Inc. of Maryland, Creditors Carpet Corporation, Crispy-Chip Corporation of America, Credit Corporation of America, Crescent City Harbor Co., Creamed Foods, Inc., Grillon Galleries, Inc., Credit and Investment Company, The, Crescent Inc. of St. Paul, The, Creditors Liquidating Carpet Co. of California, Creole Mercerizing Company, Crescent Manufacturing Company, Crestwood Realty Corporation, Crescent Recreation Company of Pittsburgh, Crescent Trading Corporation, Crohan Trading Corporation, Cross S. Winter Garden Farms Inc., Crowntex Corporation, Crystal Laboratories, Inc., Crystal Lime & Mining Company, Crystal Nut Products Co., Crude Oil Hydro Corporation, Crude Oil Royalties Corporation, Crusaders Realty Company, The, Cuban Aviation Corporation, Cumulative Capital Corporation, Cuddy Mountain Gold Mining Company, Cup-saw Company, Curd Coal Co., The, Curtis Consolidated Harvesters Inc., Curtis Harvesters Inc., Curtis Harvester Inc. of Missouri, Curtis-Helmich-Pugsley Company, Curtis Manufacturing Company, Cushman Hotel Corporation, Cuthbert Oil Corporation, Cyrenian Templars of America Inc., Cyclone Threshers, Inc.

D'Arcy Van Bokkelen & Company, Inc., Dale B. Scarborough Corporation, D. C. Construction Company, D. C. Speedometer Re. pair Company, Incorporated, Dallas Durant Company, Dale Manufacturing Co., D. M. Fontana & Sons Inc., D-N Sewage Disposal Company, Inc., Dairy Operators Company, Dallin Oil Burner Sales Company, Dalton Publications, Inc., Dakalite Products Company Inc., Daniel Boone Coal Corporation, Daniels Coal Co., Inc., Dardanelle Electric Light & Water Company, Darlington, Inc., Dame, Larsen ande Parkin Incorporated, Danville-Plaza Hotel Company, Dandy Sealer Corporation, Darling Specialty Co., The, Davidson's Drug Stores Inc., Davophone Inc., David Stuart Realty Co., Inc., Davis Budget System of Clothing, Inc., Davis Petroleum Corporation, Day & Night Auto Safety Signal Co., Dealers Distributing Group Inc., De Fremery & Co., De Flondor, Limited, De Forest Radio Company, De Gouy Corporation, De Sibour Construction Company, Death Valley Mining Corporation of America, De Vere Mining & Development Co., Inc., Deer Creek Oil and Gas Company, Deca-Disc Phonograph Company, Degenhardt Inc., Dehydrators Incorporated, Deibert Wallpaper and Paint Co., Delta Alcohol Corporation, Delmarva Asbestos Co., Delokla Coal Co., Delacroix Corporation, Delta Electric Company, DeLuxe Funeral Homes, Inc., Del Mar Va Distributing Company, Del-Mar-Penn Corporation, Delta Steamship Corporation, Delmarva Sales Company, Delaware and Chesapeake Transportation Co., Delaware Furniture Company, Delaware Flying Service Inc., Delaware Gliding and Flying Club, Delaware-Louisiana Fur Trapping Company, Inc., Delaware Mutuz,l Trading Corporation, The, Delaware News & Advertising Service, Inc., Delaware Oil Company of Michigan, Delaware Products Company, Delaware Utility Bond and Share Co., Delaware West Indies Co., Dempsey Barge Corporation, Depp-Baldali Produce Co., Dependon Chemical Corporation, Deposit Finance Corporation, Detach-Able Bit Sales Company, Deskor Chair Corporation, Detroit Deck Company, Detroit Liquidating Company, Des Moines Live Stock Exchange Inc., Des Moines Corporation, The, Des Moines Valley Power Company, Des Moines Music Company, Incorporated, The, Deutz-Ortenberg Corporation, Despadent Sales Corporation, Devco Corporation, DeVaux Pittsburgh Co., Diamond & Co., Inc., Dictatype, Incorporated, Diamond State Ice Cream Company, Dictatype Shorthand Machine Company, Inc., The, Diamond T. Philadelphia Truck Sales, Inc., Diamond Tray and Basket Co., Distributors Blue Book of America, Inc., District Construction Company, Inc., Ditrienne Corporation, Dixie Company, The, Direct Control Valve Company, Diplomat Coffee Company, District Foundation Company, Inc., Dixie Nut Company, Dimes News Company, Dixie Polish Company, Inc., Dilliard Remedy Company, Distributors Securities Corporation, Direct Sales Corporation, Dimon Steamship . Corporation, Dixie Soda Fountain Service, Inc., Diversified Utility Investments Inc., Dodge Distributors Corporation, Dodds Granite Corporations, The, Doctor Pepper Bottling Works, Incorporated, Doble Steam Motors Corporation, Domestic & Foreign Guaranty Company, Dominion Fur Company Incorporated, Dolgien Inc., Domestic & Imported Products Corporation, Dominion Oil Company of America, Dominion Patents Corporation, Domestic Service Corporation, The, Donnelly Belt Clamp Manufacturing Company, Douglass Caramel Company, Dovan Chemical Corporation, Dorothy Lorraine Company, Dover London Leeds, Inc., Douglas Nurseries, Inc., Douglas Submerging Salvage Boat Corporation, Dowling's Golf Games, Inc., Downey Laboratories, Inc., Dow W. Carpenter, Incorporated, Drink-Apep Company, Inc., Drekolias Foundation, Inc., Dresser Mining Company, Drillers Oil and Development Company, Inc., Dr. Rosen's Ex-El Toilet Preparations, Inc., Drury's Restaurant, Inc., Dr. Thompson's Sterile Toothbrush Co., Dragon Tractor Corporation, Dublin Dry Ginger Me Corporation of America, The, DuPont Motors Distributing Company Limited, Dual Wall Block Company, Dumont Fertilizer Company, Inc., Duluth Marine Supply Company, Duluth Motor Arcade, Inc., Duke-Whitney Gas and Oil Corporation, Dunne Bauer & Company Incorporated, Duo Display, Inc., Duo-Seal Company, Durbuilt Company, Durian Corporation of America, *Durabuilt Corporation, Durant Motor Company of California, Durham Medical Arts Building, Inc., Durant Motor Sales Corporation, Durant Motors, Incorporated, Durant Motor Company of Texas, Durant Motor Company of Atlanta, Durant Motor Company of Cincinnati, Durant Motor Company of Chicago, Inc., Durand Properties Inc., Durrant Sales Bulletin, Inc., Duro-Tex Company, Inc., Dyers & Cleaners, Inc., Dyerweld Corporation, Dynamic Corporation, Dyer-Ensinger Company, Inc., Dyer Electric Cooler Corporation.

E. A. Lundy Company, Inc., E. B. W. Holding Corporation, East Coast Holding Co., E-C-Producing Corporation, East Coast Utilities Company, Eastern Carolina Service Corporation, Eau Claire Dells Power & Light Company, E. E. Walls Secret Service & Detective Agency, Inc., E. E. Fulton Company, E. E. Atkinson & Company, Eastern Finance System, Inc., E. & G. Manufacturing Co., The, E. H. Rollins & Sons International Corporation, E. H. Ward & Company, Eastern Iowa Bond & Investment Company, E. J. Walsh & Company Incorporated, East Jersey Mortgage Company, East Liberty Roofing and Supply Co., Eastern La Vida Mineral Water Distributing Company, Ltd., Eagle Lake Mining Co., Inc., Earnshaw Manufacturing Corporation, E. N. Goodsell Inc., Eastern Power Corporation, Eastern Public Service Corporation, Earl R. Ernsberger & Co., Inc., E. R. Grant Company, Eastern States Gas Company, Eastern States Distributing Company, Inc., Eastern Shore Loan and Savings Association, Inc., Eastern Smoked Fish Co., Inc., Eagle Sales Company, East Texas Consolidated Oil Company, East Texas Shore Line Production Company, East Texas Production Company, Eagle Transfer Company, E. W. and F. D. Jones Oil Company, East & West Associates Inc., Earley W. Adams Co., The, Earl W. Bradley, Incorporated, Economy Jewelry Company, Inc., Economy Manufacturing Company, Economy Shoppe of East Liberty, Inc., The, Ebak Stores, Inc., Educational Art Press Inc., Edward A. Phillips, Inc., Edmonds Art Stone Company, Educational-Christie Inc., Edmund Corporation, Egyptian Drug Store Company, The, Edmund F. Saxton, Inc., Educational Feature Service, Inc., Edwin Hult & Co., Efron's Inc., Edw. J. Dunnigan Incorporated, Edward L. Strohecker Co., Inc., Edwards Plateau Royalty Corporation, Edward Small Company, Edna V. O'Brien, Inc., 804 Nicollet Avenues, Inc., Eisenberg's Tire Service, Inc., Electric Appliances, Inc., Eldon Apartment Corporation, The, Electromatic Appliance Corp., The, Elkins Construction Company of Delaware, Inc., Elkwood Corporation, Electric Clock Corporation of America, Eliot Cobb Lumber Company, Inc., El Dorado Food Products Company, El-El Trading Corporation, Electric and Gas Shares Depositor Corporation, Eleanor Graham Company, Inc., Elesta Holding Corporation, Elkin-Handley-Emery, Inc., Elbejen Inc., Elaterite Manufacturing Corporation, Electric Mineral Separation Co., Inc., Electric Power Investing Corporation, Electrovita Pacific Sales Incorporated, Elcor Products Corporation, Electric Separation Company Ltd., Electric Supply Corporation of America, Electric Safety Lamp Corporation, El Tee Gee Realty Company, Electric Welding Company, Elastic Weave Products Inc., Elliott Creek Mines Inc., Elm Construction Company, Elton Company, Elwin G. Kreitzer, Incorporated, Ellison Kamra Company, Elsner Manufacturing Corporation, Eliwood Novelty Co., Elmira Natural Gas Corporation, Elmar Petroleum Corporation, Ellanbee Products Co., Elsey River Transportation Line Inc., Engineering and Accounting Inc., Emerald Bay Corporation, Ltd., The, Empire Barber & Beauty Supply Company, Empire Broadcast Corporation, Emulsio Company, Inc., Endurette Corporation of America, Equitable Co-Operative Realty Company, Enterprise Furniture Factory Inc., Engle Holding Corporation, Emelite, Incorporated, Equitable Investments, Inc., Engineers Investment Corporation, Enterprise Lime & Ballast Company, Engineers Machinery Corporation, Equitable Mortgage Securities Co., Inc., Empire Negotiation Corporation, Empire Petroleum Corporation, Empire Royalty & Investment Company, Englewood Securities Corporation, Equipment Sales Co., Inc., Empire State Gas Corporation, Erwin Corporation, The, Ernest Di Sandro Inc„ Erie Expo Kennel Club, Ernie's Lunch Rooms, Inc., Erna11 Pen and Pencil Corporation, The, Erie Pipe Line Company, Eugene A. Smith Incorporated, Estate Counsel Inc., Essex Company, Eureka Discount Corporation, Esskay Finance & Surety Corporation, Esskaye, Inc., The, Eureka Investment Company, The, Establishments Marcel, Inc., European Relay Motors Export Corporation, Esplen Sons & McNaught, Inc., European Trading Corporation, Eva and Amundsen Incorporated, Extension Advertising Service Corporation, Exchange Building Corporation, Exportex Corporation, Exploration Company of California, Exchange Corporation, Exposition Car Company, Everhot Corporation, The, Eynon-Evans Corporation, Exchange Fixture Company, Inc., Ever Flash Butter Corporation, Even-Heat Electric Products Company, Excelsior Holding Corporation, Exports & Imports, Incorporated, Ewing Jones & Higgins, Inc., Everedge Products Corporation, Everite Products Company, Excelsior Ranch, Inc., Ltd., Exchange Securities Corporation, Ezell Service Corporation, The, Ever-Tite Lock Nut Co.

F. A. Libbon Management Co., F. A. Collins, Inc., Fairfax Apartment Corporation of Buffalo, The, F. B. H. Service Bureau, Inc., The, Famous Cleaning and Dyeing Company, Falvan Corporation, Fahnsstock Devices Corporation, Fairview Fruit Packing Co., Ltd., Family Funding System, Inc., F. H. Korff Company, Inc., F. H. Duehay, Inc., F. & H. Realty Company, Inc., Fairmount Oil Company, Inc., Famous Orchestras of America, Inc., F. R. Muller Installation Co., F. S. Barnes Investments Corporation, F. S. Reed Co., Inc., F. & S. Construction Company, F. W. Shanbacher Agency, Incorporated, Farcon Company, The, Far Eastern Investment Corporation, Farmers Land Corporation, Farm Mortgage Owners, Inc., Farm Tax Deed Corporation, Far West Manufacturing Company, Fashion Creators Guild, Inc., Fashion Lane Clothing Company, Fayro Laboratories, Inc., Federal Alloy Steel Corporation, Federal Bonded Service Company, Federal Bond Agency, Inc., Federal Broadcasting Corporation, Feltonville Bowling Recreation Inc., Federal Cereal Mills Inc,, Federal Commercial Protective Association, Federal Exterminating Company, Inc., The, Federated Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Inc., Federated Growers Credit Corporation, Fenton Gold Mining Corporation, Feminine Hygiene Institute of America, Inc., Federated Industries, Inc., Federal Loan & Guarantee Company, Feinstein's Modern Garage Inc., Feldspar & Mica Corporation, Federal Mortgage Company, Federal Protective Bureau, Inc., Feldspar Products Company, Federal Reserve Life Company, Fenix Shoe Stores, Inc., Federal Sanitation Corporation, Fenway Theatres, Inc., Fergana Engineering & Construction Co., Fernleaf, Inc., Ferrous Salvage Corporation, Ferguson-Willis Oil Company, Fifth Avenue Investors Inc., Fidelity Associates Inc., Fidelity Credit Bureau, Inc., Fidelity Funding Service Inc., Fidelity Lodge No. 25, I. 0. 0. F. of Frankford, Delaware, Filtertone Manufacturing Company, Inc., Fidelity Manufacturing Company, Fidelity Petroleum Inc., Fidelity Public Service Company, Fidelity Trading Company of California, Limited, Fidelity Trusteed Shares Corporation, Fidelity Title Company, Fidelity Union Corporation, Fill-Well Co., Inc., First American Investors, Inc., Finance Control System, Inc., Finkelstein & Company, Inc., First Diversified Bond Depositor, Inc., First Iowa Bancorporation, Financing Loan Service, Inc., First Milaca Company, The, First National Trusteed Shares Corporation, Financial Statistics, Inc., Fiscal Agents, Incorporated, Fisher Plan Loan Corporation of Oklahoma City, The, Fisher Ranch Corporation, The, Fish-Rutherford Inc., Fitchburg Manufacturing Corporation, Fitkin Securities Corporation, Fitkin Utilities, Inc, Flash Auto Laundry, Inc., Fleishman Brokerage Co., Inc., Fletcher Engineering Company, Flax Industries, Incorporated, Fleming Motor and Utilities Co., Flavor Products Company, Flash Sales Company, Incorporated, Fla-VoKrisp Co., The, Flurer Company, The, Fluin Company Inc., The, Floorola Corporation, The, Florex Groves, Inc., The, Florida Grocery Company, Inc., Flowar Inc., Florida Keystone Fruit Incorporated, Florence Mining and Milling Company, Fluid Power Company, Florence Vincent, Inc., Folds Buck Financial Corporation, Fontana Co., The, Foltis-Fischer Incorporated, Folmar, Jones & Company, Inc., Followers of Jesus Rescue Army Incorporated, The, Fooks and Matthews Company, Food Service Corporation, Fox Chicago Theatres Co., Fourth District Securities Corporation, Forest Fur Farm, Inc., Forson Finance Company, Foreign Gear-Shift Company, Inc., Ford Gum Company, The, 4-H Publishing Company, Four Horsemen Inc., The, Ford Investors, Inc., Fort Meyers Farm Products Inc., Ford Radio and Accessory Corporation of America, Founders Realty and Trust Corporation of America, Fountain Shaving Brush Corporation, Franco American Patents Incorporated, Frazier Accelerator Company, Frances Building Company, Frank Clendaniel & Company, Franklin Farms Inc., Frank H. Langmuir, Inc., Franklin Hat Works, Inc., Frances Holding Corporation, Frank H. Johnson Company, Fracy, Inc., Frank J. Graham, Inc., Frank J. Cremen, Inc., Frank J. Yeeger Co., Frank P. Parish & Co., Franklyn R. Muller, Inc., Frank S. Dykes Company Inc., Franklin Studios, Inc., The, Franklin Supply Co., Inc., Franklin Trostle Motor Sales Company, Franks Universal Patents Co., Inc., Freezum Air Cooler Corporation, French-American Glass Company, French Cosmetic Mfg. Co. Inc., Fredonia Fluorspar Company, Freightways, Inc., Freshdaily Prepared Food Co., Freund Plumbing & Heating Corporation, The, Frenly Products, Inc., Freiburg Passion Play in English Inc., Fred Schnider Company Inc., French Venezuela Oil Corporation, The, Frontenac Apartment Corporation, Friends Commercial Company, Frischkorn Construction Company, Frozen Flip Corporation of America, Friedlanders, Inc., Fruitful Manor Farms, Inc., Fruitvale Test Well No. 1 Inc., Furnace Brook Park Corporation, Fulton Blackfeet Oil Co., Fuel Consumers Association, Inc., Furniture Finance Corporation, Fuel Oil Motors Corporation, Fuel Products Company, Furniture Stores Corporation.

Gainor Company, Inc., The, Gaither Coal Co., G. E. Manos Baking Company, G. F. Willis Inc., G. H. Selden and Company, G. L. Ohrstrom & Co., Inc., Gamma Pharmacal Corporation, G. W. Holman and Company, Incorporated, G. W. Chance Corporation, G. W. Kalweit & Co., G. W. Realty Company, Gasway Corporation, Gately Chain Stores, Inc., Gas Engineering Co., Inc., The, Gasoline Recovery Corporation, Gas Ridge Development Company, Garden State Farmer Publishing Co., Inc., Gas States Corporation, General Automotive Combustion Corporation, General Aggregates Corporation, General Automatic Service, Inc., German-American Tobacco Company, Incorporated, George A. Glenn Inc., General Automatic Lock Nut Sales Corporation, General Builders, Inc., General Banking Corporation, General Building and Funding Corporation, Ger-law Corporation, The, George C. Read, Inc., Georgetown Coffee Pot Co., Inc., General Combustion Corporation, General Chain Corporation, George County Bridge Company, General Credit Company, General Corporations, Ltd., General Control Corporation, General Devices Corporation, General Engineering Corporation of Pennsylvania, Geiger Electric Co., of Reading, Pennsylvania, General Engineering Corporation of Pennsylvania, George Enos Throop, Inc., Geophysical Exploration Company, General Finance and Holding Corporation, General Farm Products Corporation, General Fibre Cooperage, Incorporated, General Flavoring Products Company, General Finance Service Corporation, The, General Fabricant Corporation, General Gas Producer Corporation, General Gas Generator Co., George Graham Rice Corporation, General Gold Mines, Inc., General Heat and Power Corporation, Georgia Hotels Corporation, General Improvement Finance Corporation, General International Corporation, General Investors Inc., George Jefferson, Inc., Georgetown Lunch, Inc., General Laundry Machinery Corporation, General Laundry Machinery Corporation of California, General Motor Finance Co., Geo. M. Marshall, Inc., General Mines Corporation of Bolivia, General Mineral Development Company, General Ore Concentration Company, General Oil Products Company, General Petroleum Corporation, General Preservatives Corporation, General Pictures, Inc., General Poster Advertising Co., Gerhart Patent Company, The, General Power Company, General Radio Finance Corporation, General Reclamation Heat & Power Foundation, Inc., General Radio & Equipment Co., Gerden Realty Company, George R. Elder Company, General Real Estate & Trading Corporation, General Shareholders, Inc., General Supply Corporation, General Sales Corporation of Mobile, General Securities Corporation of America, Gem Shoppe, Inc., The, General Sales Company, General Stores Corporation Ltd., General Silk Importing Company Inc., General Steel Products Company of Pennsylvania, General Surveys and Management Corporation, General Silk Corporation, General Title Insurance Shares Corporation, Ltd., General Theatres Equipment Inc., General Tire Co. of Norristown, Inc., General Tire Company of West Philadelphia, General Tours Inc., General Utilities Acceptance Corporation, General Utilities & Investment Company Inc., George Washington Bi-Centennial Bureau, Inc., General Watersofteners, Inc., Geo. W. Nock Co., Inc., George W. Webster Company, Gibson Lumber Company Inc., Gibraltar Oil Corporation, Gibb Process Corporation, Giebeler Visible Ignition Corporation, Gillingham Bowman & Co., Given Corporation, The, Gilliland Company, The, Gillican-Chpiley Company, Girard Engineering Company, Ginsburg Furniture Co., Inc., Gilbert's Inc., Gimbels Incorporated, Gile Merchandising Bureau Inc., Girard Publishing Company, The, Gilbert Products Corporation, Girard Shirt Corporation, Gillette Severy Clark, Inc., Limited, Gill Service Stores, Inc., Glenny-Buick Company, Inc., Glowcard Corporation, Glenfield Farm Products Co., Inc., The, Glendale Holding Company, Glacier Mountain Mines Inc., The, Globe Petroleum Corporation, Glacifer Systems Inc., Globe Television Corporation, Glen-Tex Petroleum Co., Godbe filteration Engineers Corporation, Ltd., Godwin, Pratt & Parsons, Incorporated, Godshall, Ritter and Rittenhouse, Incorporated, Goddard Securities Corporation, Gold Basin Mining Company, Gold-Brager Company, Inc., Golden Eagle Petroleum Corporation, Gold Hill Mining & Milling Company, Gold, Incorporated, Gold Recovery Corporation, Golden Reward Leasing Corp., Gold Seal Associates, Inc., Goldsmith Sales Corporation, Golden and Sons Inc., Gopar Corporation, The, Goody-Good Stores Inc., Goodwin-Hickey Corporation, The, Good Luck Mining Company, Good Roads Investment Company, The, Good Samaritan Fraternity, Inc., The, Goodwin Side Bearing Co., Inc., Gopher Truck Lines Incorporated, Gore Co., General Contractors, The, Government Employees Association, Gorsky Freres, Inc., Gottlieb Fish Cake Co. Inc., Gordon Gasoline Co., Gorman and Levin, Inc., Gordon Square Building Company, The, Gordon-Zelli Productions, Ltd., Gramercy Corporation, Graham Vallee Inc., Grand Central Public Markets Company, Granville Corporation, The, Grape Concentrate Distributors, Inc., Graphy Color Inc., Granger Calcium Products Inc., Gravity Carbonator Company, Grand Lodge Convention Committee of I. B. P. 0. E. of W., Inc., Grays Motor Freight, Inc., Gray Oil Company, Grant Sanitarium, Inc., Great Corporations of America, Greater Finance Corporation, Greene Furnace Corporation, Great Lakes Industrial Corporation, Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation, Great Lakes Laundries, Inc., Greater M. & S. Circuit Inc., Great Northern Electric & Television Corporation, The, Great Northern Gas and Utility Company, Great Northern Mercantile Co., Great National Securities Company, Greensburg Photo-Engraving Co., Inc., Greater Pittsburgh Memorial Park Sales Corporation, Green Pond Golf Club, Great Southern Petroleum Company, Ltd., Great West Mines, Inc., Great White Sands Gypsum Co., Great Western Holding Company, Ltd., Greiner Baking Co., Inc., Greyhound Gas Corp., Griswold Management Company, Grisim and Page, Incorporated, Griswold Safety Signal Company of Delaware, Growart Corporation, Groetzinger & Company Inc., Ground Construction Corporation, Grout Engineering Company, Inc., Ground Gripper Shoe Company, Inc., Grolan Manufacturing Company, The, Grover Williams Co., Gulf American Oil Corporation, Guardiare Agency, Inc., Guaranteed Appliances, Inc., Gulf Coast Royalty Corporation, Guaranty Commercial Company, Inc., The, Gunn-Dee Products Corporation, Gulf Development Company, Guardian Finance Corporation, Gulf Finance & Securities Company, Guarantying and Land Appraisal Co., Gummerson and Martin Incorporated, Guardian National Corporation, Gum Rub Corporation, Guilbert & Snyder, Inc., Guardian Securities Corporation of Texas, Guatemala and Salvador Railway Company, Guaranteed Trouers Company, Guardian Warehousing Company.

H. A. Goldstein Inc., Hadden & Company, Inc., H. C. Ambler Co., Hacklebarney Company, Inc., The, Haertel Company, The, H. E. & G. R. Holden, Inc., H. E. Dean Plumbing & Heating Co., H. F. Chaiken, Inc., H. Herbert Hirzel Inc., H. L. R. Co., H. L. Harris & Company, Inc., H. M. Shapiro Company, H. Haffel, Inc., Hagerstown Independent Oil Company, Halite Corporation, The, Hale Chrome Process Company, The, Hall Office Equipment Company, Halle Productions, Inc., Hammar Co., Inc., Hamilton Finance Corporation of America, The, Hamilton Ice Company, Hamilton International Corporation, Ham J. Farrell Company, Inc., Hamilton Loan Company, Hamilton Maxwell Corporation, The, Hammonds-port Natural Gas Corporation, Hamilton Securities Corporation, The, Handy-Andy, Incorporated, Hanjon Company, Inc., The, Hand-man and Goodman, Inc., Hanson Harvester Corporation, Happy Landings, Inc., Handiway Markets, Inc., Hancock Realty Company, Inc., Harland Corporation, Hare & Chase Inc., Reorganization Company, Harlan Coal and Coke Company, Hargrove Development Company, Inc., Harold G. Woods and Company, Inc., Hardwood Manufacturing Company, Harbar Oil and Gas Co., Harrington Emerson Counselors, Inc., The, Harry H. Culver & Co., Ltd., Harrison's Heart O'Orange Inc., Harry J. Wolf International Associates, Inc., Harrison Manor Building Corporation, Harrington Milling Company, Harrison W. Rogers, Incorporated, Harwood Corporation, Harter Copper Mining Company of Delaware, The, Hartford Coal Co., Harvesters Engineering Corporation, Hartman and Febrenbach Products Co., Hart Garages, Inc., Harvard Hall Apartment House Company, Hartford Motor Industries, Inc., Hartsville Packing Corporation, Harvard Radio & Television Co., Inc., HartsookRennick Co., Harvey S. Smith, Inc., Harvard Tube Stores Corporation, Harvey W. Sieg, Inc., Hawkeys Corporation of America, Hausmann and Company, Havana & Domestic Leaf Tobacco Growers Corporation, Hawaiian Fruit Products Company, Limited, Hathol Investment Company, Hawley Incorporated, Haus Recreation Parlors, Inc., Hay-Adams House, Inc., Hayden Corporation, The, Hayden-Davis Engine Co., Inc., Hay & Hammond, Inc., Health Appliances, Inc., Healthway Bedding Stores, Inc., Healy Consolidated Oil Corporation, Heart Lake Fur Ranches Incorporated, Hecht-Lears, Inc., Hellenic American Trading Company, The, Heminway & Dickson, Inc., Heli Gyro Aeroplane Manufacturing Company, Helene Holding Company, Heilprin Realty Company, Henrik Eklof Dental Co., Inc., Herriman Avenue Building Corporation, Hercules Credit Corporation, Hebrick Company, The, Herberts Engineering Company, Inc., Herb Juice Corporation, Herman Lewis, Inc., Hernando Land and Development Company, Herman Saks & Sons Inc., Hexine Tooth Paste Company, Incorporated, Hiddenite Granite Company, Higuerito Oil Company, Hi-Power Service Stations Inc., High Powered Gasoline Company of Pa., Highland Park Building Corporation, High Sierra Transport Company, Hildebrand Apartments, Inc., Hilift Body Co., Hildred of Hollywood, Ltd., Hilbor Products, Inc., Hitchner Sales Corporation, Historical Cinema Association Inc., Hinkle Company, Historical Press, Inc., Hirsch Roofing Compound Company, Hipple Realty Company, Hirt Solvent Process Company, Hitchner Tire Corporation, Hodgson & Co., Inc., Hoke Cotton Mills, Inc., Hoge Development Company, Holly Bluff Bridge Company, Holland Candy Company, Hollister Engineering Corporation, Hole-In-One Inc., Hole-In-One Products Corporation, Holly-Oak Farms Inc., Holland Products Sales Company Inc., Hollywood Riviera Building Association, Holman, Watson & Rapp Securities Corporation, Hollis-Warren Engineering Company, Holrud Corporation, Holmes and Company, Holton Printing Company, Inc., Home Building & Improvement Company, Honor Crest Associates, Inc., Homfreze Corporation, The, Honey Dew Inc., of Illinois, Home Electric Furnace Heating Company, Hopkins-Hancock Co., Inc., Home Mutual Loan Association, Homes Permanesque of America Incorporated, Home Plate Filling Station, Inc., Home Royalty Association Inc., Homosassa Springs Associates Inc., Homa Shingle Corporation, Home Service Beverage Company, Home Soda Fountain Manufacturing Corporation, Home Weekly, Inc., Horsman Dolls, Inc., Horn Holding Company, Hosiery Clocking Corporation, Household Commodities Corporation, Household Equipment, Incorporated, Hosiery Machine Corporation, Hospital Products Corporation of America, Houtex Production Company, Household Products, Inc., Houston Specialty Corporation, Houston Sales Company, Inc., Howell Company, The, Howard & King, Inc., Howellville Quarries Inc., Howarth Roofing & Heating Company, Huaco Oil Company, Hudson River Navigation Corporation, Hughes Bros., Inc., Hughes Built Homes, Incorporated, Hume C. Young, Inc., Hume C. Young & Company, Humidor Cigar Company, Human Defense Products, Inc., Hugh Evans & Company, Hughes & Gordon, Inc., Hughes Lumber Corporation, Hultgren Mortuary Incorporated, Hunter Brothers, Inc., Hurlbutt Gas Company, Huston Holding Company, The, Hussmann Oil and Development Company of Delaware, Huntington Park Mercantile Finance Corporation, Hurlburt Research Corporation, Hus-Tex, Inc., The, Hydraulectric Control Corporation, Hydrogenation Management Corporation, Hydro-Plant Corporation, Hutchison Spaces, Inc., Hutton Television-Radio Corporation, Hydraulic Transmission Corporation of America.

I. A. Morris Co., Inc., Ideal Building Units, Inc., Illinois Building Company, The, Igloo Corporation of America, The, Idaho Copper Corporation, Icy Fruit Roll Corporation, Iacocoa Improvement Company, Ideas, Inc., Illinois-Kentucky Bridge Company, Illinois Natural Gas Company Inc., Ideal Oil & Gas Company, Ideal Products Manufacturing Co., Illinois Refrigerator Sales Company, I. R. Torchans Inc., I. Shandleman & Co., Ideal Specialty Manufacturing Co., Insurance Adjusters, Inc., Industrial Acquisition Corporation, Indiana Agency Development Corporation, Industrial Book Co., Inc., Independent Business Men's League, Inc., Industrial By-Products Corporation, Insurance Brokers, Inc., Industrial Bankers National Association, Inc., Inabine Co., Inc., The, Inland Contracting Corporation, Industrial Chemical Products Corporation, Instant Coffee Corporation, Independent Church of America, Inc., Industrial Credit Corporation of America, Insurance Companies Corporation Ltd., Industrial and Commercial Securities Corporation, Industrial Corporation of Uniontown, Industrial Directors Corporation, Income Distributors Incorporated, Industrial & Educational Films Incorporated (Far East), Inland Gas and Oil Company, The, Indiana Gas & Oil Company, Industries International, Incorporated, Industrial Investment Company, Inc., Inland Investment Company, Insurance Investment Corporation, Insurance Investors Corporation Ltd., Income Investments Inc., Industrial Managers, Inc., Institute of Modern & Practical Cookery, Inc., Indian Meridan Mercantile Corporation, Independent Pennsylvania Oil Company, Index Publishing Company, The, Industrial Research Laboratories, Inc., Industrial Research Capital Corporation, Industrial Rediscount Corporation, Ltd., Institute of Scientific Cookery, Inc., Independence Security Corporation, Industrial Spray-Drying Corporation, Indian State Oil Company, Independent Union Motion Picture Operators of America, Industrial and Utilities Appraisal Company, Inc., Insurance Underwriting Corporation, Independent Universal Spiritual Association, Industrial Workers Corporation, Industrial Welded Alloys Inc., Interstate Advertising Service Incorporated, Investment Acceptance Corporation, International Air Express, Inc., International Automatic Supply Company, Inc., Inter-American Air Lines, Inc., Investment Associates of America Incorporated, Investment Assurance Corporation, Inter-American Fruit Corporation, Investment Bond and Mortgage Company, Inter-Cities Motor Freight Co., International Construction and Holding Corporation, Intercontinental Construction Corporation, Inter-Cities Chain Advertising Inc., International Commercial Club, Interstate Casualty Company, Investment Counsellors Inc., Intercontinental Distributors, Incorporated, International Distributors Association, Inc., International Davit & Manufacturing Corporation, Inventors Engineering Company, Inventions Exploitations Corporation, The, International Electrical Patents Company, International Fur Breeders' Association Incorporated, International Founders Corporation, Interstate Flying Corporation, International Gasifier Corporation, International Gold Explorers, Inc., International Gold Securities, Incorporated, Interstate Holding Corporation, International Hide Brokers Incorporated, International Health Corporation, International Highspeed Copper Company, International Investment Trust, Incorporated, International Investors Protective Association, Inc., Inverness Investment Corporation, The, International Linen Ginning Company, International Motorists Service Association of Pennsylvania, International Marine Salvage Corporation, International Mineral Products Corporation, Investment Mortgage and Securities Company, Inter-Professional Finance Co., Interstate Properties Corporation, Inter-Professional Finance Co., International Publishing Corporation of America, Intercontinent Petroleum Corporation, Interocean Petroleum Company, Interstate Petroleum Company, Interstate Pictures Corporation, International Rex Breeding Corporation, Investment Research Associates Inc., Intercontinental Radio Corporation, International Railroad Employees Corporation, Interstate Residences, Inc., International Sound Recording Corporation, Inter-State Corporation Company of America, Investment-Savings Corporation, International Spruce Products Company, Investors Security Foundation, Inc., International Safety Boat Corporation, Interstate Service Corporation, International Sanitex Corporation, Investors Securities Corporation of Washington, D. C., Investors' Service Corporation, International Stock Food Company Inc., Interlocking Steel Structures Corporation, International Tung Oil Corporation, Investment Trust Distributors, Inc., International Travelers Association, Inc., International Television Corporation, International Trustees Corporation, International Traffic and Transport Association, International Utility Bond and Share Company, International Visible Systems Corporation, International Voice Recording Corporation, International Wood Preserving Lumber & Shingle Treating Company, Iowa Agency Development Company, Italia American Marble Importing Company, Inc., Iris Company, The, Isaacs and Company, Iron City Construction Company, Ira E. Fasnacht Inc., Iowa Farms, Incorporated, Irwin Gas Combustion Company, Iron Hydroxide Company, Irwins Incorporated, Iron Mountain Agencies, Incorporated, Irving Oil Company, Iowa Public Utilities Company, Iodine Products, Inc., Italian Republican League, Iris Shipping Company, Inc., Italian Stores Corporation of Philadelphia, Iowa State Realty Company, Iowa Southern Telephone Company, Irvin Theatre Corporation, Iowa Utility Securities Company.

J. A. Kelly Company, Inc., J. A. Siegel, Inc., J. B. Darlington Manufacturing Company, J. B. Winward & Son, Incorporated, Jackson-Babbitt Inc., J. B. Shannon Hardware Company, J. C. Radiator Corporation, J. C. Little, Inc., Jamestown Citizens Corporation, J. Carey King, Inc., Jackson Construction Company, Inc., Jasper Corporation, J. & D. Securities Corporation, James Davis Wall Paper & Paint Co. of Michigan, J. E. Marsden Glass Works, Inc., J. F. Shiel & Sons Live Stock Exchange, Inc., J. F. Gillis Store Co., J. G. Herbert, Inc., J. G. Knight Co., Inc., J. H. Winn Manufacturing Corporation, J. H. Crouse & Co., James, Incorporated, J. I. Corn Company Inc., Jane's, Inc., J. J. Reynolds & Company Incorporated, J. K. Chaconas & Company, Inc., J. L. Terry & Co., Inc., Jacob Mathes Incorporated, Jasper Mining Company, J. M. Hoyt & Co., James Neon Double Electrode Corporation, J. R. Peters & Co., J. R. Clark Company, J. R. and J. A. Whelan Inc., James Realty Company, J. Stewart & Co., James Scott Company Incorporated, Jackson Supply Co., J. T. Christian, Inc., James T. Strahan Co., James T. Blue Chemical Company, Incorporated, James W. Byrnes Shellac Company Inc., Jenkintown Bowling, Inc., Jesstanheisse Corporation, The, Jewish Center, Inc., Jiffy Corporation, Jefferson Gas Company, The, Jesse L. Bowling, Inc., Jim Tormay Incorporated, Jenkins Television Corporation, John A. Ackley Son-W. M. Hawthorne, Inc., John A. Miller Company, John Blue & Co., Inc., John B. Ginechesi Co., Inc., John E. Bailey & Co., Inc., John F. Meyer & Co., Inc., John Gillespie, Inc., John H. Mackey, Inc., Johnson Investment Company, Jodzies Inc., John Malina Company, John M. Readey Inc., Joliet Macaroni Company, Johnson's Products Corporation, Joiner Petroleum Corporation, John P. Gorman Coal Company, John Sparr Schaff& & Company, John Wills Inc., Jones Aviacraft Corporation, Joseph Adam and Son Inc., Jondan Corporation, Jones Concrete Products Company, Joseph Devereux, Inc., Jordan Realty Corporation, Joslin Research Laboratories, Inc., Jones Specialty Co., Inc., Josephine Steel & Coal Company, Joseph Shwartz Corporation, Junior Coal Company, Julep Cigarette & Tobacco Corporation, Julius H. Reiley, Inc., Juvenile Magazine Publishing Co., Inc.

K. and B. Company, Kaltenbach and Stephens, Incorporated, Kaline Water Company, Incorporated, Kansas Agency Development Company, Kansas City Beef Company, Kaolin Corporation of America, Karp Clothing Company, Kansas City-Texas Gas Company, Kay & Dilks, Inc., Kaybar Electric Company, Karsten Forecasts Inc., Kandle Grate and Blower Company, Kass Hardware Co., Kauffman Industries, Inc., Karsax, Inc., Kaplan, Inc., Kaplan Lamps Inc. Kantar Provision Company, Kaser Process Pie Company, Kapless Tubes Inc., Kanawha Valley Gas Company, Keiskama Corporation, Kearney Candle Company, Incorporated, Keeler Investment Company, The, Kemplate Inc., Kellman Laundry Machinery Co., Kentucky-Arkansas Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Kennett Advance Publishing Company, The, Kentucky-Bell Corporation, The, Kenyon Company, Incorporated, The, Kennedy Homes, Inc., Kentucky Natural Gas Company, Kenokla Oil & Gas Company, Kendall Oil & Gas Company, Kenmar Orchard Company, Kentucky Pioneer Coal Company, Kennedy Realty Corporation, Kentucky Sportsman's Association, Kentucky State Telephone Company, Kennedy-Warren Inc., Keokuk Water Power Lighting Company, Keystone Capital Corporation, Keystone Corporation, Keystone Food Stores, Inc., Keystone Holding Company, Keystone Machinery & Equipment Co. Inc., Kerr Oil-Gas and Investment Co., The, Keystone Oil Company of New York, Keystone Realty Mortgage Co., Keystone Renovating Corporation, Keystone Thrift & Investment Company, Keystone Wholesale Co., Inc., Kier Castype Corporation, Kidwell-Graver Corporation, Kiddie Gym Company, Inc., The, Kipling Corporation, King Company, Kingtan Extract Co., Kirby Holding Co., King's Horses Amusement Co., Inc., The, Kinograms, Inc., Kiwi Mfg. Co., Inc., King Publishing Company, Kloman Motor Corporation, Klean-Rite Auto Laundry of Delaware, Inc., Klen-Zit Company, Knoll-Brayton Aeronautical Corporation, Knoxville Journal Inc., Knapp and Tubbs Inc., Knit-Wick Corporation, Koeln-American Trust & Finance Co., Inc., Kohr's Custard Stores Inc., Kodel Electric & Manufacturing Company, The, Koldlade Asphalt Products Company, Inc., Kolbalm Chemical Company, Incorporated,- Kolster Corporation, Korn-Kjellin Corporation, Kot-N-Wood Products Co., Inc., Korecto Products Corporation, Kolster Radio Corporation, Kruse Construction Company, Kramedas-Hudson Company, Kraus Mineral Process Corporation, Kraft-Phenix Shares Inc., Krosby & Shellhamer, Inc., Kynaston & Company, Inc., Kunz Chemical Co., Inc., Kushequa Keramic Co., Kushindrop Ladder Company Ltd., Kuit Mines Company, L. A. Pacafiic Macaroni Co., Ltd., La Cumbre Mining Company Inc., La Cholla Mining Company, Ltd., Lakewood Company, The, Ladin's Company, "La Compania L. E. Myers De Cuba, La France Television Company, La Fe Mining Corporation, La Fourche Fur & Trapping Co., Inc., L. F. Randolph & Co., Lakes to Gulf Oil Company, La Grange Corporation, L. G. Molina & Co., Inc., Lake & Hennepin Holding Company, L. L. Davis Company, La Mothe Electric Oil Comb Corporation, Lackawanna National Investing Corporation, L. N. Scott, Inc., Lagomar Oil Concessions Inc., Lacefield Oil & Gas Corporation, The, La Paloma Mining Corporation, Lake Ports Supply Company, The, L. R. Bell Company, Inc., LaRue Studios, Inc., Lake Superior Fox & Fur Co., La Salle Aircraft Corporation, Lake Superior Game & Fur Farms, Inc., La Salle Securities Corporation, L. T. Brooks & Co. Incorporated, Lambert Aircraft Engine Corporation, Lambert Chemical Co., Inc., Lambert's Fruit Market, Incorporated, Lamport Holding Company Inc., The, Lambert Machine Tool Corporation, Lamberts Remedies, Inc., Lambert-Simpton-Millis Incorporated, Lancaster Co., Ltd., Land Development Company of Washington, D. C., Landis Nagle, Kain & Pippin, Inc., Land O'Lakes Oil & Gas Corporation, Langendorf Baking Company, Lang & Company Inc., Langer Fuel Saving Corporation of America, The, Lang & Harris Inc., Lapaz Corp., Lansford and Company of Delaware, Latin American Newspapers Syndicate Inc., Latherite Company Inc., Latherizer Corporation, The, Lasalle Hotel, Inc., Lauson Corporation, The, Lavita Company, Laughlin Filter Company, Laub's, Inc., Lavaca Oil & Gas Company, Laurel Pure White Marble Company, Law and Finance Building Inc., Laxipop Manufacturing Corporation, Lawrence Stone & Setting Company, Le Blanc Motors, Incorporated, Leach Corporation, The, Leathem D. Smith Incorporated, Leaberry Gas & Power Company, Incorporated, Le Roi Parfum, Ltd., Le Roy Livingston, Incorporated, Lebanon Southern Realty Corporation, Lee Tobin Distributing Corporation, Lehigh Corporation, The, Legal Ledger, Inc., Lehigh Milling Company, Inc., Leola Farms Co., Leonard, Fitzpatrick, Mueller Stores Co., Len N. Gillette Co., Letbar Corporation, Lettering Devices Incorporated, Leston Investment Company, Lever-Motors Corporation, Lerner's Market, Inc., Lewiston Corporation, Lew Dufour-Terry Turner, Inc., Lewis & Kerlin Inc., Liberty Brush Co., Liberty Chemical Company, Liberty Distributors, Inc., Liberty Foundation Finance Corporation, Liebster, Inc., Liberty Investment Securities Company, Liberty Land Company, Liberty Meat Market Company, Li-Ni Oil and Gas Co., Liberty Packing Corporation, Liberty Packing Sales Corporation, Liberty Productions Co., Ltd., Liberty Theatre Company, Lincoln & Associates Inc., Lincoln Aircraft Company Inc., Linde Carbonic Ice Company, Ltd., Link Engineering Corporation, Lincoln Holding Corporation, Lincoln Securities Company, Lloyd's (China) Publishing Company, Liquilox Company, Ltd., Little & Co., Livermeal Corporation, Lloyd Employees Royalty Company Incorporated, Little Giant Manufacturing Co., Litt Meat Stores, Inc., Liquid Marble Corporation, The, Little Neck Swimming Pool, Inc., The, Lloyd Oil Corporation, Listed Shares Corporation, Lithia Springs, Incorporated, Llantin Seven Mines, Incorporated, The, Locklip Company, The, Lock Chemical Company, Locust Holding Corporation, Loanette Inc., Logan Auto Co. Inc., Logan Construction Company, Logophone Corporation, Lodge Poster Advertising Co., Logue Realty Company, Logan Stores Co., The, Logan Sales Corporation, Looney and Anderson Inc., Long Beach Hotel Company, Lorraine Corporation, Long Island Sewage & Garbage Corporation, Longworth Royalties Inc., Lone Star Royalties, Inc., Long View Oil and Gas Company, Louis' American and Italian Restaurant Inc., Los Amigos Industries, Inc., Los Angeles Polyclinic, Inc., Los Angeles Post Graduate Medical College, Inc., Louis Klein Corporation, Louis Philippe Inc., Loyalsock Development Company, Inc., Lowenstein & Henry, Inc., Lowden, Inc., Lowry Manufacturing Company, Inc., Lower Village Holding Corporation, Lubricite Company, Inc., The, Lubriplate Corporation, Luce Cane Harvester Corporation, Luxenberg's Inc., Lumichrome, Incorporated, Lubrite Refining Company, Luclar Stables, Inc., Lyndale Lake Radio Sales Company, Lyons Radio Sales Incorporated.

MacCallum Inc., Macolite Container Corporation, Machinery Equipment Corporation, Macmillan Fehlman and Oliver, Inc., M. & H. Holding Corporation, The, Mabelite, Inc., MacKinnon Incorporated, M. and M. Chemical Corporation, M. & M. Oil Company, Macnish Mfg. Co., Inc., Mack Postograph Company, Maclaclilan Record Sales Service Company, M. Rosen Bros. & Co., M. S. F. Corporation, MacDonald Tire Co. Inc., M. & W. Refrigerator Corporation, M. Y. Neely Constructors, Inc., Magnegraph Corporation, Ltd., Magic City Placer Co., Magistrates, Constables, Justices and Officials Association, Maerose Fruit Corporation, Magalia Nuggett Mining Company, Ltd., Madrona Oil & Supply Co. Inc., Madrillon Pastry Shop Inc., Magdalena-Santander Oil Fields Corporation, Madison Securities Corporation, Maidstone Boatyard Corporation, Main Line Daily Times Inc., Mail-O-Press Holding Corporation, Major Oil Company, Maizewood Products Corporation, Majestic Weatherstrip Co., Inc., Make Your Own Gas Corporation, Malcolm Corporation, The, Mallard & Company, Maloney Inc., Malibu Maritime Corporation, Ltd., Mammoth Royalty Corporation, Mal-Tex-Mex Inc., Manhasset Corporation, Manufacturers & Dealers Discount Corporation, Maple Grove Fruit Farm, Inc., Manx Hotel Company, Manhattan Investment Company, Manbuilders, Inc., The, Manhattan Millinery Stores, Inc., Manufacturers Outlet, Inc., Manitou Park Development Corporation, Manufacturers' Sales Corporation, Mangus Silver Mining Company, Mfg. Tire Tread Corporation, The, Manning Trading Company, Manetor ThermoPac, Inc., Mara Construction Co., Marcus Company, Inc., The, Mari Dining Room, Inc., Marine Decking and Supply Company, Marengo Farms, Inc., Marine-Galligan Co., Margolis Holding Company, Marad Holding Corporation, Maripa Investment Co., Margaret Lane, Inc., Marblox Manufacturing Co., Inc., Marie McRae Temple Corporation, Margarita Oil Fields Corporation, Marine Oil & Gas Company of Jackson, Mississippi, The, Marigold Restaurant Company, Margoy Realty Corporation, Mario Trap Rock Company, The, Marbleite and Waltile Co., Mariott Brothers, Incorporated, Marsh Drugs Incorporated, Marshall H. Yeatman & Son Holding Company, Marshall H. Yeatman & Son Auto Service, Inc., Marshall H. Yeatman & Son Funeral Directors, Inc., Marshall Hospital for Chronic Diseases, Inc., Marquette Oil Corporation, Marmac Publishing Company Inc., Marshall Research, Inc., Marshall Stillman Movement Inc., Marshall Securities Corporation, Marlborough Texas Company, Inc., Marlow Thrift Plan Inc., Marmon Washington Company, Mary Appliances Inc., Marwat Corporation, Marwood Corporation, The, Martin F. Conner Building Material Company, Maryland Market Company, Incorporated, Martin M. Hovsepian Inc., Martini Studios Inc., Massey Flour & Feed Store, Inc., Master Fox Ranch, Inc., Master Holding Corporation, Master Mortgage Corporation, Massee Orchard Company, Masters Steel Frame Company, Master Tailors, Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Mate Corporation of America, Mather & Company, Matilda Peregoy, Inc., Mathiasen Shipping Company, Inc., Mattoon Belting and Packing Co., Mavis Bottling Company of New England, Mavis Bottling Company of Scranton, Mavis Bottling Company of Baltimore, Mavis Bottling Company of Virginia, Mavis Bottling Company of Birmingham, Mavis Bottling Company of Ohio, Maxum Corporation, The, Matthew Della Porta Co., Inc., Matt D. Morgan Drug Company, Mayflower Hotels Corporation of America, Mayflower Hotel Company, Mayflower, Inc., The, Max Jaffe, Inc., Maumee Oil Refining Company, Maurice Preston Corporation, Maynard Razor Corporation, May Realty Co., Maximum Storage Garage Planning Corporation, The, Mayfair Undergarment Co., Medical Acceptance Company, Meadow Brook Investment Corporation, Medical Care, Inc., Megrim Company, Mechanical Development Corporation of America, Medical Funding Association, Media Inn, Inc., Mediclay Laboratories Corporation, Meat Products of America Inc. Ltd., Mechanical Products Co., Medical & Surgical Products, Inc., Mechanical Sales Inc., Meddo Steamship Corporation, Medical and Surgical Institute of Southern California Inc., Melde Lug Stone System, Inc., Memorial Parks Association, Mermaid Corporation, Mercury Exploitation Co., Ltd., Merchandise Exchange Incorporated, The, Mercal Guaranty Corporation, Merchants and Manufacturers Broadcasting Company, Mercer Motors Corporation, Mercury Mills, Incorporated, Merchants & Mechanics Loan Association, Inc., Merchants' Surety Corporation, Meroe Transportation Co., Merchants Telegraph Exchange Inc., Merchants Warehouse Company, Merrills Dollar Stores Inc., Merrill Theatres, Inc., Meterice of America Co., Ltd., Metropolitan Associates Inc., Ltd., Metropolitan Cement Corporation, Metal Chlorides Corporation, Metz Company, The, Metal Castings Holding Corporation, The, Meteor Crater Exploration & Mining Company, Metropolitan Company, Inc., Metasol Company, Metropolitan Development Company, Metals Exploration Company, Metropolitan 5 to 50c Stores, Inc., Metropolitan Holding Company, Metropolitan Mortgage Company, Metropolitan Stadium Corporation, Metropolitan Smoked Fish Corporation, Metropolitan Securities Corporation of Baltimore, Meter Service Corporation, Metro Utilities Corporation, Mexico Consolidated Mines Holding Corporation, Meyer Davis Concessions Inc., Mexican Estates Corporation, Mexico Safe Deposit Boxes and Guaranty Trust Company of Tiajuana Mexico, Mid-Continent Utilities Corporation, Mid-Continent Loan Companies, Inc., Mid-City Boxing Club, Inc., Mid-Continent Gas Corporation, Mid-Continent Distributing Company, Mid-Continent Investment Corporation, Mid-Continent Investors Inc., Mid-Continent Royalty Corporation, Mid-Continent Telephone Corporation, Mid-Continent Hotels Corporation, Midwest Drive It Yourself Company, Middletown District Parsonage Association, The, Mid-Eastern Construction Company, Midzone Exploration Corporation, Midget Golf Inc., Michaud's, Inc., Midwest Linoleum Company, The, Micro-Meter Corporation, Midland National Company, Midland Natural Gas Company, Midland Oil & Gas Corporation, Midland States Investment Company, Middle States Corporation, The, Mid South Public Service Company, Midland Theatres Inc., Michigan United Telephone Company, Mid-Valley Securities Corporation, Mid-West States Securities Company, Mid-West Kaolin Company, Mid West States Gas & Oil Company, Mid-West Public Utilities Inc., Mid-West Aviation Corporation, Mid-West Investors Inc., Middle West Utilities Co., Michigan-West Virginia Land and Mining Company, Mid-West States Utilities Company, Miles F. Leche and Associates, Inc., Miles J. Hall & Company,

Miles J. Hall, Inc., Milk-Maid This Bar, Inc., Milcarich Mining Company, Ltd., Miley Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Mileage Transportation System Irc., Miller, Franklin & Company of Delaware, Inc., Millheim Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Millheim, Pa., Millionaire Mining and Manufacturing Company, Miller Robinson Company, Miller-Roth, Incorporated, Millwork Sales Corporation, Miller Wheel & Rim Corporation, Milstein Finance Association, Milton Oberdorfer Inc., Milton Realty Co., Milton Thomas Company, Inc., Mintwood Corporation, Minneapolis Corporation, Minox Chemical Corporation, Mines Development Corporation, Mines Financing Securities Syndicate, Mineral Industries Inc., Min-O-Pool Corporation, The, Minnesota Quartzite Company, Minute Service Station No. 10, Inc., Minute Service Station No. 8, Incorporated, Mintan-Yeast Corporation, Mirviss Mfg. Co., Mir-O-Electric Sign Company, Miracle Products Corporation, Mississippi Bond & Securities Co., Mississippi Chemical Company, Mission Drilling Company, Mission Gold & Copper Mining Co., Mission of Hope Inc., Mississippi Inland Valley Corporation, Missouri-Kansas Pipe Line Company, Missouri-Nebraska Public Service Company, Missouri National Underwriters Company, Mississippi Portland Cement Company, Mississippi Rehabilitation Corporation, Mississippi Valley Utilities Investment Company, Mixasoda Corporation, Mitchell Machine Company, Modern American Education, Inc., Modified Coffee Products Co., The, Modern Devices Incorporated, Modern Drug Co. Inc., Modern Farm Home Service, Inc., Modern Foods Incorporated, Modern Girls Shops, Inc., Modern Homes, Incorporated, Modern Industrial Banking Corporation, Mock Motor Company, Incorporated, Modern Noodle & Macaroni Works Inc., Modern Oil & Gas Corporation, Modern Sales Co., Modification Society of America, Modern Service Company, Modernized Service Inc., Modern Tire Sales Inc., Modern Workmen of the World Society, Moffett & Company, Mojo-Cadet Co., Inc., The, Moherb Oil Company, Mohican Pottery Co., Moleta Tile Company, Monoblock Corporation, Monroe Cap Co., Montero Corporation, The, Monessen Finance Corporation, Montana Natural Gas Company, Monongahela Oil & Gas Company, Monagas Oil Fields Corporation, Mon-way Products, Incorporated, Montana Peerless Sheep Company, Montana Stockmen's Corporation, Montgomery Theatre Corporation, Mono-Valve Corporation, Monongahela Valley Concrete Products Co., Moon & Co., Inc., Moody-Seagraves Realty Company, Moore Electric Corporation, The, Moore-Fewel and Devlin Incorporated Limited, Morado Springs Park, Inc., Morecraft Transportation Corporation, Morris-Collier Corporation, The, Morris & Co., Inc., Morgan Finance Company, The, Morris Frank Company, Morrell Finance Company, Morris-Hall Mail Closer Company, Morris Kell, Inc., Morrell Mills, Inc., Morris Oil and Gas Company, Mortgage Holding Corporation of California, Morse Products Inc., Mortgage Service Company, The, Moseley, Becker & Fitzpatrick, Inc., Motor Circus Corporation, Moses & Company Inc., Motor Freight Guide, Inc., Motor Freight Forwarding Corporation, Motor Parts Corporation, Mossburg and Richmond Company Incorporated, Motor Service Incorporated, Mountain Beverage Company, Mountain Park, Inc., Mount Pleasant Oil Company, The, Mount San Antonio Aerial Tramway, Ltd., Inc., Mountain States Packing Company, Mountain View Farm, Inc., Mountain Valley Water Co. of Western Penna., The, Mount Vernon Supply Company, Moxie Company of America, The, Moyer and Smith, Inc., Movie-of-U Corporation, Munson Corporation, The, Municipal Financial Corporation, Murillo Bros. Department Store Company, Muracote Company, The, Murphy Machine Company, Murray Automatic Transmission Company, *Muscletone Corporation, The, Music Chains Company, Mutual Accident Insurance Co., Mutual Bond & Mortgage Company, Mutual Citrus Corporation, Mutual Equity Corporation, Mutual Oil & Coal Company, Mylocal Products Company, The. McCann-Harrison Corporation, McCay & Kirtland Inc., McCulloch Oil Company, McCleary Production Company, Inc., McDonald Oil Company, McGehee and Company, McKash Manufacturing Company, The, McKay Sound-on-Film Inc., McLure Furniture Corporation, McNamara Brothers Company, McQuay Radiator Sales Company, McVarish Be-Wel Corporation.

Naniboujou Club, N. D. Suttles Inc., N. E. M. F. A. Corporation, Nanty-Glo Drug Co., Nafran Investing Co., Inc., N. M. D. Corporation, Naden News Service Inc., N. R. Bagley & Co., Inc., Nabir Realty & Securities Corporation, Nakken Sound Products Sales Co., Inc., N. S. M. Company, Nandor Wilson Inc., Nassau Canning Co., Nassau-Suffolk Bankshares Corporation, Natural Caverns, Inc., Natural Air Dryers Inc., Naturaline Company of America, Navy Cab Company, Natural Humus Company, The, Nazarian and Hekimian Inc., Nathan U. Katz Inc., Navigation Oil Co. Inc., Nauheim Pharmacies Inc., Natural Products Producers Corporation, Nathaniel W. Howell Co., National Association on Prohibition, National Amusement Distributing Corporation, National Automobile Wreckers Exchange, Inc., National Advertising & News Service, Inc., National Advisory Association, National Agricultural Corporation, National Aero Corporation, National Air Control Company Inc., National Assorting Company, National Automobile Hotel Co., National Builders, Inc., National Brewing Company, National Building and Construction Corporation, National Brands Inc., National Business Service, Inc., National Building Units Corporation, National Capital Apartment House Holding Corporation, National Construction and Commissary Company, National Colored Players, Inc., National Capitol Fur Co., National Cafes, Inc., National Claims Service Corporation, National Demolition Corporation, National Doughnut and Sandwich Shops, Inc., National Decorating Company, National Defense Corporation, National Defense Foundation Inc., National Electric Control Corporation, National Endowment Company, National Ever-Lite Corporation, National Finance and Mortgage Corporation, National Foundation Press Inc., National Finance Reserve Corporation, National Food Shares Corporation, National Guarantee and Deposit Company, National Gas & Utilities Corporation, National Holding Corporation, National Hospitals, Inc., National Health Preservation Institute, Inc., National Home Building Studios Inc., National Haberdasheries Corporation, National Hotel Service Company, National Highway Traffic Association, National Insurance Agency Inc., National Industries Shares Corporation, National Laboratories, Inc., National Lodge, No. 32, I. 0. 0. F. of St. Georges, Del., National Metal Products Corporation, National Motor Transit Company, National Manufacturers' Xmas Thrift Club, Inc., National Non-Metallic Ores Corporation, National Oil & Gas Co., National Oil Lubricating Company, National Oil Manifolds Inc., National Petroleum Conversion Company, National Pure Food Shows, Inc., National Pinetree Products Corporation, National Products Corporation, National Products Company of America, National Producers Association, National Paper Process Co., Inc., National Pastry Products Corporation, National Poultry & Provision Co., National Premier Products Co., National Postage Stamp Machine Corporation, National Protective Society, National Rabbit Ranches, Inc., National Radio Utilities Company, Incorporated, National Rayon Manufacturing Company, Inc., National Realty and Development Company, National Realty and Securities Company, Incorporated, National Repeal Club Inc., The, National Realty & Finance Corporation, National Street and Highway Marker Corporation of America, National System Service Corporation, National Salespoint Advertising Corporation, National Stock and Poultry Products Corporation, National Securities & Mortgage Co., Inc., National School of Aeronautical Engineering, Inc., The, National Service Company, National State Cleaning Company, National Surgical Co., National Signal Device Corporation, National Shoe & Leather Mart Inc., National Shoe Stores Incorporated, National Survey Service Inc. of Akron, National Savings Underwriters, Inc., The, National Trusteed Fund, Incorporated, National Tourist Service, Incorporated, National Trading Company, Inc., National Tax Title Bond & Investment Corporation, National Telephone & Electric Corporation, National Thrift Agency, Inc., National Talc Co. Inc., National Thrift Corporation, National Trust Company, National Trade Journals Inc., National Uniform Co., Ltd., National Vacuum Products, Inc., National Visionola Distributing Corporation, National Venezuela Oil Corporation, National Wholesalers Board of Trade, Inc., Ltd., Nebraska City Utilities Company, Nebraska Development Company, Nebraska Pipe Line Company, Neil, Akers & Scott, Inc., Nelson Farm Corporation, Neighborhoods, Inc. of Washington, Nedick's, Incorporated, Nellie Mountain Mining Co., Ned Wayburn Institute of Dancing, Inc., Neolithic Flooring Company, Inc., Netherlands Gun Club, Neutrasol Products Corporation, Newburger Cotton Company (Inc.), Newark Development Company, New England Aeronautical Laboratories, Inc., New England Manufacturing Co., Inc., New England Tankers Corporation, New Era Aircraft Corporation, New England and Western Airlines Inc., New England Police Officers Association, New England Magnesia Corporation, New England Hotels Company, Newport Engineering- Company, New England Furniture Company, Newman-Hobart Realty Company, Inc., The, New Jersey Associates Inc., New Jersey Co-Operative Finance Corporation, Newspaper Mechanical Sales Company, New Orleans-Gretna Bridge Company, Inc., New Process Fuel Corporation, New Pacer Aircraft Corporation, The, Newhoma Petroleum Company, New Process Carbon Company, Inc., The, New Screen Corporation, Newark Shoe Stores Inc., The, Newport Shipbuilding Corporation, The, New-Tex Corporation, Newhoma Utilities, Inc., New Vulture Mining Co., New York & Atlantic Seaboard Air Express, Inc., New York & British Holdings, Inc., New York Bargain House Inc., New York Canal and Great Lakes Corporation, New York Development Corporation, New York Dress Shop Inc., New York Holding Corporation, New York Live Stock Company Inc., New York Mortgage Company, The, New York Novel Corporation, New York Picture-Ette Corporation, New York Shipping Service Corporation, New York Shop Inc., The, Nickel Cab Company, Nickel-Dime Grocery Company, Nicholson Furnaces Inc., Niagara Gas Corporation, Niagara Paper Mills Corporation, Nicaraguan Products Corporation, Nichols Trading Corporation, Niobe Funding Corporation, Ninth & Marquette Co., Nobil Chain Store Company, The, Nocare Electric Radiator Corporation, Nodak Oil & Refining Co., Nocare Sales Corporation, Non-Corrosive Alloy Corporation, Nones and Troy, Inc., Norden-Hauck Electric & Manufacturing Company, North American Industries, Inc., North American Investors Management and Holding Company, North American National Company, The, North American Publishing Company, Inc., The, North American Investment Bankers Inc., North Atlantic Trawling Corporation, North American Bond & Mortgage Co., North American Company of St. Louis, Northern Alabama Corporation, Northern Barge Corporation, Northern Cold Storage Company, North City Radio Corporation, Northern Development Company, Inc., North Denver Motors Inc., North-Eastern Shares Corporation, North End Realty Corporation, Northwest Fur Corporation, North Gold Syndicate, Ltd., Inc., North Green Chevrolet Company, Northern Holding Corporation, Norwood Investment Company, Northrop Inc., Norton Johnson Buick Company, Northern Liberties Produce Co., Norton Lacy Buick Company, Northern Marble Corporation, Northern Minerals Corporation, Northern Minnesota Quality Fox Farms, Inc., North Ontario Packing Company, Northern Pipe Line Company, North Pacific Mines, Incorporated, North Star Mining Company, Incorporated, North Side Plastering Co., North Shore Company, North Side Garage Inc., Northern Texas Gas Company, Northeastern Utilities Company, North West Coast Petroleum Company, Noxon Candies, Inc., NoSmok Furnace Company, Nova Gold Mines Co., Inc., Nystrom Auto Lens Inc., Nu-Glass Corporation, Nu Grape Company of Delaware, Nyack Holding Corporation, Nu-Icy of Delaware, Inc., Nubest Pictures Service, Inc., Nu-Top Sanitary Desk Envelope Company.

Oakley Corporation, Oak Flooring Company, Oatis Hoyne & Company, 0. K. Pen Co., Inc., Oakland Silk Throwing Co., Obras Corporation, Occidental and Oriental Products Company, Inc., Ocean Products and Supply Corporation, Ocean Tours Corporation, Official Catholic Films Corporation, Odonohoe Detachable Blade Drilling Bit Company, Odor-Go Corporation, Odenkirk Motor Wheel Corporation, Office Service Inc., Oil-American Burner Corporation, Oil Burner Corporation of Washington, D. C., Oklahoma Carbon Ice Company, Ohio Counties Gas & Oil Corporation, Okla Noma Finance & Acceptance Corporation, Oil & Gas Corporation of America, Oil and Gas Royalties of America, Ltd., Oil and Gas Engineering Company Inc., Oil and Gas Corporation of Mississippi, Oilroyalty Investments, Inc., Oils, Incorporated, Ohio Kansas Gas Corporation, The, Oil Manifolds Corporation, Ohio Okla-Tex Oil & Gas Company, The, Oilastic Paint Company (Far East) Ltd., Oilastic Paint & Varnish Co., Inc., Ohio River Transportation Company, The, Oklahoma Storage and Pipe Line Company, Old Colony Life Building Corporation, Old Dominion Drug Company, Old Guard Securities Corporation, Omai-Kaburi Syndicate Inc., The, Olancha Mineral Products Co., Ltd., Omar Oil & Refining Company, The, Olcovich Shoe Company, The, Onley-Brown Canning Co., Incorporated, Oneida Corporation, Oppenheimer & Kahn Inc., Orientconstruct American Oriental Construction Syndicate, Orb Chemical Products, Inc., Orango Corporation, Ortleb Corporation, The, Orbit Laundry Machine Company, Inc., Oronoque Oil Burner Corporation, Order of Railway Clerks, Incorporated, Ornamental Stone Wall Company, Inc., Osmo Distributing, Inc., Oswego Gas Company, Ostend Shop, Inc., Otis F. Tabler & Co., Otto Hall Clothing Company, Otte Securities Co., Oxydyne Company, Inc., Overhead Door Sales of Western Penna., Inc., Oversea Financial Corporation, Oxford Holding Corporation, Ozark Public Service Company, Oxford Processes, Incorporated, Owl Transportation, Inc.

Pacrite Corporation Inc., Pacific Company, Inc., Pacific Coast Terminal Company, Pacific Freight Lines Corporation Ltd., Pacific Income Properties Corporation, Ltd., Pacific Minerals Inc., Pacific Prospectors, Incorporated, P. Q. S. Tailors, Inc., P. S. P. Sales Corporation, Pacific States Pulp and Paper Co., Pacific Timber Company, Pacific Tradesbanc Ltd., Page Brothers Oil Company, Page, Inc., Paine Motors, Inc., Paint Specialties, Inc., Pan-American Distributing Corporation, The, Pan-American Mining Company, Pan-American Trading Corporation, The, Pan American Wire and Metals Syndicate, Inc., Pan Antillian Oil Company, Palace Cleaning & Dyeing Company, Pan-Continental Investing Corporation, PalmEtt Brush Company, Panamuso Enterprises Inc., Palisade Gardens Mortgage Co., Pan International Inc., Palladium Life Underwriters, Incorporated, Palmer Land Company, The, Panama Marine Corporation, Pandem Oil Corporation, Panama Pacific Corporation, Pam-Pa Company of America, Inc., The, Pankey Pump Corporation, Pangborn Self-Sustaining Steam Generator Co., Inc., Palace of Wonders, Inc., Park Amusements of America, Incorporated, Parkland Company, Paragon Hotels Corporation, Paramount Oil Burners Incorporated, Parking Units Inc., Paramount Wood Products Company, Parsons, Cowgill & Co., Parrot Dry Process Street Cleaner Company, Parr-Loichot Engine Corporation, Patterson Burial Vault Co., of New Kensington, Pa., Paul Brothers Company, PattersonCullian Company, Passenger Compartment Company, Pavesich & Company, Patricia Cornelius Company, Patent Development Company, Paul G. Wagner Inc., Paul H. Petersen Inc., Paxon Infra-Ray Corporation, Patent Promotion, Inc., Pastry Pygmy Corporation, Passaic Petroleum Corporation, Patented Products Mfg. Company, Paul S. Reeves & Co., Patterson Three in One Burial Vault Company, Peerless Building Company, Pecos County Syndicate, Inc., Peerless Coal Corporation, Pearsall Company, Inc., The, Peerless Founders & Factors, Inc., Peco Holding Corporation, Pecano Manufacturing Corporation, Pederson Motors Inc., Pecano Manufacturing Company, Pecano Orchard Company, Peerless Oil Company of Pennsylvania, Peerless Petroleum Products, Incorporated, Pearl River Gravel Company, Peerless Soda Fountain Service Co., Peggy Worth, Inc., Pelman Institute of America, Inc., Pennsylvania Avenue Garage, Inc., Pennsylvania Auto Reconstruction Company, Penn American Oil Company of South Dakota, Pennsylvania Bond and Share Company, Pennsylvania Corporation, Penn Company for Guaranteeing Mortgages, Penn-Crawford Company, Pence and Company Inc., Pennsylvania Dairy Products Company, Pennsylvania Foundry Supply Company, Penn-Girard Amusement Association, Penn-Grove Manufacturing Co., Pennsville Improvement Association, Inc., Pennsylvania Industrial Banking Corporation, Penn-Jersey Picture-Ette Corporation, Penn Keystone Company, The, Pennsylvania Marblite Company, The, Pennsylvania National Company, Pennington Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Penn-Ornamental Iron Works, Inc., Penna Rug Mfg. Co., Inc., Pennsuco Realty Company, Pennsylvania Sandstone Corp., Penn Square Finance Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-West Virginia Development Corporation, Peoples Amusement Corporation, Perfect Ashler Lodge No. 25, F. & A. M., Inc., Personal Bankers Finance Corporation, Pepca Company, Perry Corporation, Perfect Dishwasher Co., Inc., Perfection Homes, Inc., Perfection Incubator Co., Perry Investment Corporation, Perfecto King Products Company, Ltd., Personal Loan Corporation of Delaware, Perfect Laundries of Pittsburgh, Inc., Pepper Poultry Company, Personal Recorders, Incorporated, Peoples Real Estate, Savings and Loan Association, Perpetual Real Estate Company of Wilmington, Delaware, Peoples Service & Gas Company, People's Service of Oak Lane, Inc., Perfection Tailoring Company, Performo Toy Company, People's Welfare Alliance, Inc., Petroleum Associates, Inc., Petrus Cement Corporation of America, Petropalm Corp., Petroleum Enterprises Inc., Petroleum Gas Processes, Inc., Petroleum Investment Company of California, Petro-men Laboratories, Inc., Peterson Products, Inc., Petroleum Process Patents Corporation, Petroleum Royalties Company of Oklahoma, Petroleum Recovery Corporation, Petro-Sol Corporation, Phelps Institute of Speech, Inc., Pharmaceutical Research Corporation, Philadelphia Aid Society, Incorporated, The, Philip A. Metzger Inc., Phila. Automobile Repairmen's Finance Corporation, Philadelphia Art Marble Works Inc., Photogravure Advertising Corporation, Philip Born Wholesale Drug Co., Philadelphia Broadcasting Company, Philips Candy Co., Inc., The, Photoplating Company, The, Philadelphia College of Law Incorporated, Phoenix Coal Company, Philbrin Corporation, Phillips Distributors, Inc., Physibans-Dentists Credit Corporation, Physicians' Dentists' and Hospital Building Inc., Philadelphia Daylight Electric Company, Phillips Food Products Company, Photo-Greetings, Inc., Philgos Holding Corporation, Philip J. Weldon, Inc., Phoenix Laundries, Inc., Phister-Lancaster Company, Phoenix Mortgage Company, Phoenix Oil and Transport Company, Physicians Pharmacal Company, Philadelphia Pronto Heater Corporation, Phi Sigma Fraternity Society of Delaware College, The, Philadelphia Stack & Tank Works, Inc., Philadelphia Transport & Terminal Corporation, Philadelphia, Trenton and Chester Company, Philadelphia Warwick Company, Picture A Month Club Inc., The, Picture-Ette Corporation of America, Pictures Realization Corporation, Piedmont Springs Development Company, Inc., Piowaty-Berliner Inc., Pine Crest Poultry Farms Inc., Pippin-Durant Co., Pioneer Fund Inc., Pipe Line Service Corporation Ltd., Pine-O-Pich Laboratories Incorporated, Pine Products Company, Ltd., Pioneer Petroleum Company, Pilot Radio & Tube Corporation, Pine Ridge Oil Company, The, Pine-Waste Products, Inc., Piron Coal Distillation Systems, Inc., Pittsburgh Bond and Share Corporation, Pittsburgh Copywright Company, The, Pittsburgh-Clearfield Oil & Gas Co., Pittsburgh Finance Corporation, Pittsburgh Lumber Salvage Co., Pittsburgh Mechanical Toy Co., Pittsburgh School of Aviation Inc., Pittsburgh Unlisted Exchange, Incorporated, Planograph Company Inc., The, Placer Gold Foundation Corporation, The, Platt Mortgage-Loan Company, Plaster Products Corporation, Pneumatic Automatic Motor Corporation, Plymouth Hosiery Mills, Inc., Polish-American Products Corporation, Point Blackistone Inc., Polites Corporation, Polymer Chemical Co., Inc., Pocahontas Natural Gas Company, Point-O-Sales Co., Inc., Poertner Realty Corporation, Pomeroy and Salmon, Inc., Pomeroy and Salmon, International Corporation, Point Transfer, Inc., Polly Wiggin, Inc., Porreca Coat Company Inc., Portageville Gas Company, Porter Motor Company, Port-O-Bowl Co., Ltd., Portable Self-Serving Store Company, Porreca Tailoring Co., Porcupine United Gold Mines Inc., Power Amusement Company, Pottash Bros. Co., Power, Gas & Water Service Corporation, Power Light and Service Company, The, Poultry Publications, Inc., Prater Corporation, Pratt Fuel Corporation, Pratt Sales Corporation, Premium Coal Company, Presto Corporation of America, Premium Oil Securities Corporation, Premium Refrigerating System, Inc., Pressed Steel Products Corporation, Prosperity Association of America, Incorporated, Private Brands, Inc., Producers Coal Company, Prudential Company, The, Prudential Development Corporation, Prudential Guaranty Corporation, Pro-Grips Manufacturing Corporation, Pronto Heater Sales Corporation, Prosperity Institute, Incorporated, Priferr Inc., Prudential Loan Corporation, Prosperity League Inc., Prosperity Laundry Company, Production Machine Co., Inc., Prospect Mining Company, Protective Mortgage and Investment Company, Progressive Manufacturers Inc., Princess Martha Hotel Company, Prudential Mutual Association Incorporated, Promontorio Mines Co., Inc., Prudential Oil Corporation, Programs Publishing Company, Proven Products, Inc., Psycho-Phone Company Inc., Products Refinery, Inc., Proper Railway Appliance Corporation, The, Prudence Royalty Corporation, Princeton Rayons Incorporated, Provident Supply Co., Inc., The, Profit Sharing Hosiery Corporation, Putt-A-Round Golf Company Inc., Pyramid Bond Mortgage and Securities Corporation, Public Cab Co., Purelac Corporation, Purity Farm Products Company, Public Finance Company, Purelac Holding Corporation, Public Investment & Underwriting Company, Pyramid, Inc., Purity Manufacturing Co., Inc., Public Mortgage Company, Pursmoke Pipe Company Inc., Puerto Rico Manufacturing Corporation, Public Service Radios, Incorporated, Public Service Community Kitchens, Inc., Public Shares Corporation, Public Service Conduit Company, Public Service Finance Syndicate, Public Service Bond and Share Inc., Public Service Oil Corporation, Puritan Traders Co., Public Telephone and Telegraph Company Inc., Public Utilities Consumers Corporation, Putnam Valley Mfg. Co., Inc.

Queen Anne Fur Farms, Inc., Quality Bakeries, Inc., of Sherman, Texas, Quality Boot Shop, Inc., Quaker City Masonry Contracting Co., Quality Foods Corporation, Quaker Fruit Corporation, Quality Ice Cream Company, Quality Mill Products Company, Quinlan Motors Company, Quick Service Laundry Company, Quick Service Laundry Supply Company, The, Quaker State Rabbit Industry, Inc., Quality Store Inc., The, Quaker State Packing Co.

Railway Auto Supply Corporation, Radium Active Remedies Company, R. B. Elliott, Inc., R. B. Buckett & Co. Inc, Raden Bros. & Rush, Inc., Race Coal & Coke Co., Radiovision Corporation of America, Railside Corporation, Radiumator Corporation, Radio Corporation, Radonite Corporation, Railways Corporation, R. C. Douglas Corporation, Ragmof Company, The, Radio Co., of Phila., R. E. Daugherty-Ohio Company, Incorporated, Radio-Electric Share Corporation, Railway Exchange Building Company, R. F. Daly, Inc., R. & G. Mineral Wells, Inc., R. & G. Mineral Water Company, Radial Hydrocarbon Processes Inc., Radiocast, Inc., Race Improvement & Development Company, Railway Investment Company, R. K. Raphael Corporation, Radio Laboratories, Inc., Ltd., Rainbow Luminous Products, Inc., R. M. R. Corporation, R. M. C. Oil & Gas Corporation, Radio Producers Associates, Inc., Railway Pneumatic Springs Inc., R. R. Bixby, Inc., Radiant Realty Company, Radio Sports, Inc., Radiator Securities Co., Railroad Signal and Supply Company, Raegem Securities Company, Railway Tie Corporation, Race Track Mine, Incorporated, The, Radio Trades Association of Wilmington, Delaware, Radio-Vision Development Corporation of America, Rancho El Cerrito, Inc., Ranger Gulf Corporation of Texas, Ranger Gulf Corporation, Rayner Broadcasting Corporation, Rawl Corporation, Rawson Sales Company, Inc., Realty Associates of Texas, Incorporated, Relief-Arlington Holding Co., Reedy's American Tours, Inc., Recreation Bowling & Billiard Academy of Allentown, Inc., Rector Company, The, Red Cab, Incorporated, Realty Credit Co., The, Red Dog Corporation, Refrigerator Express Lines, Inc., Real Estate Mortgage Company of Baltimore, Reed Harvesting Machine Company, Realty Liquidation Corporation, Record-O-Cast Inc., Realty Realization Corporation, Rea Reta Corporation, The, Red River Stone Co., Red River Loan Company, The, Recip-Roto Engine Company, The, Red Star Damp Wash Laundry, Inc., Red Top Cab Company, Refined Utilities, Inc., Renral Corporation, Reliance Cement Corporation, Remlick Company Inc., Reliance Company, Reliance Gas Corporation, Remington Gear Company, Republic Holding Corporation, Remoco, Incorporated, Reid Mill and Lumber Company, Relay Motors Corporation, Reliable Porcelain Co., Inc., Republic Railway Equipment Company, Inc., Reserve American Corporation, Reynolds Brothers Incorporated, Research Chemical Industries, Inc., Retsof Corporation, Reuter, Inc., Retail Markets, Inc., Reynolds Oil & Royalty Company, Research Publishing Co., Restaurant Royale, Inc., Reynolds-Stanton Company, Retailers Service Bureau Inc., Research Service Corporation, Rex, Tire & Rubber Company, Richards Fabricating Company, Richard's, Inc., Richein Mfg. Co., Richardson Music Company Ltd., Richmond Service Co., Inc., Rigg Enterprises Inc., Rid-Jid Products Inc., Right-O-Way Cab Company, Ltd., Rinolin, Inc., Rio Sao Manoel Mining Corporation, Rite Chemical Company Inc., Riverside Industrial Alcohol Co., Riz Products Corporation, Ro Bo., Inc., Robert Paterson Inc., Robinson Airfoil Fuselage Corporation, Robinson Connector Company, Robinson Gold Mining Corporation, Rockford Clothing Co., Rocky Mountain Oil and Producing Company, Rock Manor Building Company, Rock Products Corporation, Rockwood Realty Corporation, Rock Royalty and Petroleum Corporation, Romero Company, The, Romilax Corporation, Rodorne of Englewood-Denver, Inc., Rollins, Incorporated, Rod Le Gra Inc., Rolloball Manufacturing Company, Rohrbach Patents Corporation, Roger Wood Industries, Inc., Rosenbleeth's Company, Rosenel Corporation, Rossrnan Corporation, Rothrock Coffee Company, Rotogravure Publishing Company Inc., Rountop Pen-Pencil Company, Rouses Point-Alburgh Bridge Co., Inc., Rotogravure Publishers, Inc., Roto-Sign Service Inc., Rover Transfer Co., Royal Advertising Mediums, Inc., Royal Acceptance Corporation, Royal Co., The, Roydhouse & Company Inc., Roycraft Corporation, The, Roycraft Company, The, Roxy Circuit, Inc., Rowland Farm, Inc., Royal Finance Corporation of California, Rowe Hosiery Company Incorporated, The, Royce, Kershaw, Inc., Royalties Management Holding Corporation, Royalty Properties Inc., Roxoline Petroleum Company, Royal Realty Company, Royalty Shareowners, Inc., Royal Sales Corporation, Royal Swan Hotels Corporation, The, Royal Swan Club, The, Royal Securities Company, Royal Tourist Products Co., Inc., Royal Television of Amerka, Inc., Rubenstein Construction Company, Rudizone Corporation, Rubber Products Corporation, Rubber Sundries, Inc., Ryland & Brooks Lumber Co., Inc., Ruth Dress Co. Inc., Ryan-Porter Finance Corporation, Ryan, Scully & Co., Russell Williams, Inc.

S. A. Borow & Sons, Inc., S. B. Hazle & Company, Inc., Safety Brake Company, Inc., The, S. Chanin Co. Inc., S. C. Hookstratten, Incorporated, Ltd., Safetee-Drive Appliance Co., S. Epstein Inc., S. F. Catey Company Ltd., S. Heymann's Meat Stores Inc, Safety Lock Handle and Valve Co., Sa-Lax Corporation, S. L. Edelman, Inc., S. M. Gelgood, Incorporated, S. N. Meyer, Incorporated, S. P. Woodward Corporation, S. Rosenthal & Co., Inc., S. Shapiro, Inc., Safety-Way-Aircraft Corporation, Safety Wrench and Appliance Company, S. Z. Goodstein and Company, Managers, St. Francis Hotel Company, St. Johns River Line Company, St. James Hotel Corporation, St. Louis Petroleum Company, Inc., St. Paul Box Spring and Mattress Co., Inc., Samuel Brothers Inc., Salem Burial Vault Corporation, Samuel Charlick, Incorporated, Salkind Company, Inc., Saluda Crushed Stone Company, Sam Hecht Inc., Samax Holding Corporation, Samaritans Home for Old Aged People and Children, Inc., Samuel I. Perlman, Inc., Sales Promotion Service Inc., Sampson Safety Gate Corporation, Samuel S. Haas, Incorporated, Santa Barbara Securities Company, Sanitary Container Corporation, Sanitation Corporation, The, Sanborne Coffee Company, Sanitary Doughnut Shops Inc., San Diego Lime Products Company, San Fernando Valley Oil Company Ltd., San Fernando Valley Corporation, Sandy Hook Coal, Oil & Development Company, Inc., Sangard, Inc., San Jose Oil Company, Sanger Oil & Refining Company, Sanabria Television Corporation, Sanitation Utilities Corporation, Sayvoy Corporation of America, Savarese Luncheonette Inc., Savannah and Southern Packing Corporation, Scadrons' Inc., Scattergood-Smith Foundation, Incorporated, Shickerling Products Corporation, Schmidt Development Corporation, Schuylkill Amusement Company, Schulz & Company, Schutter-Johnson Candy Co., Schwartz Investment Company Inc., Scientific Drug Products Co., Inc., Scientific Fruit Growers, Inc., Scientific Health Methods Incorporated, Scientific Lubricating Company, Scranton Electric Supply Company, Scranton Investment Company, Scranton Steel Products Corporation, Security Building & Construction Corporation, Security Bond & Mortgage Company, Seaboard Continental Corporation, Seaboard Corporation, Security Corporation Guarantee Company, The, Sea-wood Corporation, Searchlight Gold Corporation, Security Group Corporation, Ltd., Securities Installment Corporation, Second Industrial Finance Corporation, Seabrook International Engineering Corporation, Seddon Motor Car Company, Second Mortgage Finance Company, Seaboard Natural Gas Corporation, Seal Packing & Rubber Co. Inc., Seaboard Public Service Company, Seaboard Petroleum Corporation, Security Realty Company, Inc., Secured Royalties Corporation, Sea Safety Society (International), Sea-Tane Company, Security Underwriters, Inc., Second Ward Republican Club, Inc., Servo Corporation, Seneca Copper Mining Company, Selective Holdings and Investing Corporation, Select Investments Incorporated, Selected Income Corporation, Servamat, Inc., Self Lighting Cigarette Corporation of America, Servicised Premoulded Products Company-, Inc., Selective Poster Advertising Incorporated, Service Repair Co. Inc., Serv-Rite Corporation, Seminole Shares, Inc., Servey Stores Company, The, Serv-U-Garbage Co., Limited, Self Unloading Barge Corporation, Seventh Avenue Restaurant Co., Severri Arms, Inc., Ses Oil Corporation, Seth Seiders Incorporated, Seven Sands Gas & Oil Co., Seven Troughs Gold Mines Extension Inc., Shamokin Capitol Theatres Inc., Shafer's, Inc., of California, Shady Lane Farms, Inc., Shannon Oil Corporation, Shanghai Realty Corporation, Shapiro's, Inc., Sharpless Supreme Cream Company, Shellastic, Inc., Sheet Metal Engineering Company, Inc., Sheets Produce Company, Sherbrook Company, Inc., The, Shermet Heating Co., Inc., Sheplan Palmer Knitting Mills, Inc., Sherby's Rent-A-Car Company, Sherman & Rhodes, Inc., Sheridan Securities Corporation, Shore's Department Store Co., Shoreham Indoor Golf Co., Inc., Shoalsview Realty Corporation, Shore Resorts Co., Shumway Royalty Corporation, Shoup Voting Machine Co., Inc., Silloc Corporation, Silva Distributing Company, Silent Flush Valve Inc., Sidney Lee Shoes, Incorporated, Silver Mist Shares, Inc., Silvers Manufacturing Company, Silverman Plastering Co., Inc., Sight & Sound Corporation, Simplified Accounting Systems Co., Inc., Sioux Apartment Hotel Company, The, Singer Bakery Inc., Simpson Carbonization Company, The, Simon's of Delaware, Inc., Simmons Rubber Company, Simplex Window Company, Inc., Simplicity Woodworker Company, Skillrafters, Incorporated, Sistersville Ohio River Bridge Company, Skelly Standard Drill Grinding System Inc., Slaght-Hoff Co., Slag Products Corporation, The, Small's Auto Parts Company, Inc., Small Construction Company, Small Estates of America, Inc., The, Smith & Ash Oil and Gas Company, Smith-Anderson, Inc., of Pennsylvania, Smith-Hanlon, Inc., Smiler's, Inc., Smith Separator Company, Smith and Strevig Pharmacists, Incorporated, Smith Transportation Corporation, Snilloc Corporation, Solomon Coltman Company, Solidol Corporation, The, Social Games, Inc., Solidon Products, Inc., Sonium Corporation of America, Somerville Laboratories, Inc., Soracio Corporation, The, Sosan Corporation, South American Radio Corporation, Southern Agricultural Tank Line, Inc., Southern Air Express Inc., South American Land and Cattle Company, Southern Automatic Sales Manufacturing Company, Southern Chromium Corporation, South Carolina Granite Corporation, Southern California Olympic Features Company, Ltd., Southland Cosmetics, Incorporated, Southern Cities Utilities Company, Southern Distributing Corporation, Southworth Dierdorfit & Co. Inc., South Dakota Utilities Service Co., Southern Development Co., Southern Drug Stores, Incorporated, Southwestern Electrical Products Company, Southland Farms, Inc., The, Southern Fayette County Gas Company, Sound Inc., Southern Illinois Utilities Corporation, South Kentucky Oil Corporation, Southern Lime Products Company, Southern Louisiana Gas Co., Inc., Southern Mining Corporation, The, Southern New England Corporation, Southern New England Securities Corporation, Southern Natural Gas Corporation, Southland Oil Company, Southwestern Printing Co., South Park Riding Academy, Inc., Southern Paint & Varnish Company, Southland Pecan Company, Inc., Southern Quarries Corporation, Southern Retail Merchant, Incorporated, Southern Securities Company, Southern States Cotton Machine Company, Southeastern Sanitation Engineers, Inc., Southern Speedways, Inc., Southern Tung Oil Company, Inc., The, Southland Tire Company, Inc., Southern Textile Manufacturing Corporation, South Texas Quix-Kold Corporation, Southern Weartest Corporation, South West Mining and Development Co., Spencene Corporation of America, Spence & Co., Incorporated, Spectrum Dyes, Inc., Specialty Drug Mfg. Corp. of America, Special Ice Cream, Inc., Specialty Machine Corporation, Speedway Park Superior Poultry and Egg Farms, Inc., Sparma Research and Holding Company, Sperry Securities Co., Spivey Building Corporation, Spray Away Corporation, Springs Concrete Machinery Co., Spray Dryer Process Corporation, Spruance Drug Company, Spring Garden Holding Company, Spreckles Sugar Corporation, Stadig Aeronautical Corporation, Staggers Oil and Gas Company, Stan Amusement Company Incorporated, Standard Auto Service Company, Standard Awning Mfg. Co., Standard Asphalt Company of Florida, The, Stanton Boys' Clothiers of Trenton, N. J., Inc., Standard Building Material Company, Standard Construction Company, Standard Coal Company, Standard Electric Corporation, Standard Excavation Company, Standard Fruit Products Co., Standard Financial Assurance Fund, Inc., Standard Fuel and Material Company, Standard Homes Utilities Inc., Standard Holding Corporation, Standard Income Investments Incorporated, Standard Jewelry Exchange Inc., Standard Lumber Company, Standard Lift Company, Standard Minerals Corporation, Standard Mineral Flooring Co., Inc., Standard Maintenance Corporation, Standard Mortgage Securities Corporation, Standard Outdoor Advertising Corporation, Stanley Oil Company, Standard Public Service Company, Standard Resilent Wheel Corporation, Standard Reserve and Deposit Company, Stanley Securities Corporation, Standard Sales Company, Standard Systems, Inc., Standard Sales Service, Incorporated, Standard Screens, Inc., Standard Specialties Corporation, Standard Shares Holding Company, Standard Securities Company, Standard Tourist Inns Association, Inc., Standard Trailer Corporation, Standard Utilities Engineering Corporation, Standard Utilities Corporation of America, State Capital Company, Star and Crescent, Inc., The, Staunton Company, The, Staple Food Products Corporation; Star Lubricant Company, Star Lamp Company, Inc., Star Motors, Inc., Stata Publishing Company, Statistical Research Corporation, States Service Corporation, State Underwriting Syndicate Inc., Star Welding Corporation, Stein-Brake Corporation, Steel Barge Company of America, Inc., Steinmetz and Company, Inc., Sterling-Chromium Corporation, Sterling Commercial Company, Stewart Davit & Equipment Corporation, Sterling Finance Corporation, Ltd., Steem Heeter Company, The, Stephens Hosiery Company, Stevens Ice Cream Corporation, Ltd., Steele Inc., Stewarts Market Incorporated, Steinite Manufacturing Company, Stevens Manufacturing Corporation, Sterling Petroleum Corporation, Ltd., Steam Power Corporation of America, Steam Production Corporation, Steinite Radio Company, Steele Securities Inc., Stearns Stafford Roller Bearing Company, Sterling Transportation Company, Inc., Stilson Manufacturing Company, Stiefel Products Incorporated, Stilwell Self-Adjusting Spring Co., Stockland Equipment Sales Company, Stockholders Investment Corpooration, Stout Construction Company, Stonleigh Garage, Inc., Stoner Incorporated, Stoney Securities Corporation, Stone-Williams & Co., Inc., Strathmeade Corporation, Structural Concrete Unit Corporation, Stradley & Company, Strange Creek Coal & Coke Co., The, Strotz Tubeless Radio Corporation, Stukenborg Corporation, Studio Dansant Corporation, Studebaker Hire Service Inc., Stutz Philadelphia, Inc., Stuckey's Red Cross Pharmacy, Inc., Su-Dex Wood-Curing Company, Inc., Suburban Water Securities Inc., Sunset Beach Amusement Park Incorporated, Sullivan Bros., Inc., Super Bandage Company, Inc., Summit Corporation, The, Superior Construction and Contracting Company, Sussex Corporation, Sun Dye Works Inc., Superior Felt & Paper Mills, Inc., Susquehanna Furniture Company, Superior Foundry Supply Company, Sunshine Greeting Card Company, Sunlight Laundries, Inc., Susquehanna Line, Inc., Summit Manufacturing Company, Superior Mines Company, Sunbeam Oil Company, Super Products Corporation, Suntone Products Co., Susquehanna Public Utilities Company, Superior Personal Finance Co., Inc., Surburg Products, Inc., Sun Plan Corporation of New York, Superior Products Co., Sunnydale Rabbit Ranch, Incorporated, Sussex Real Estate Corporation, Sunset Stores Inc., Sunbury Safety Tire Co., Inc., Sullivan Shipping Corporation, Sun Taxicab Corporation, Sunny Vineyards Company Inc., Superior Wire Products Corporation, Ltd., Syncline Contracting Company, Swiss Colony Vintages, Inc., Syracuse Gear Corporation, Syndicate Holding Company, Sweetnin' Inc., Syndicate Investments of America, Incorporated, Syrie Maugham Inc., Swartwood Nelsin Paper Company, Sylvan Point Company, Symphonic Sound System, Inc., Syndicate Trading Corporation, Syncrasy Talking Picture Corporation, Swan Valley Muskrat Company.

T. C. Gleich & Co., T. Jensen Inc., T. & Ky. Oil Corporation, T. K. Egg Preserving & Poultry Co., T. L. R. Realty Company, T. W. McGuire Company Incorporated, Taylor Artwood Corporation, Tamaqua Brewing Company, Tanar Corporation Ltd., Taliaferro Corporation, The, Tassel-Liter Co., The, Talbison Oil Company, Taylor Produce and Development Corporation, Ltd., Tang Tang Industries Inc. of Delaware, Terminals Associates, Incorporated, Television Apparatus Corporation, Television Corporation of America, Terra Cotta Research Corporation, Texokla Corporation, Tedrita Corporation, Testing Devices, Inc., Texas Independent Pipe Line Company, Television Interests, Inc., Tecolote Mines Company, Tempest Mining Company, The, Television and Sound Corporation of America, Terry Sales Corporation, Tennis Securities Co., Texota Service Corporation, Texas Sugar Refining Corporation, Ten S. Corporation, The, Texas Salt Company, Texas Table Grapes Inc., Tennessee Utilities Company, Texas Water Utilities Company, Tex-York Petroleum Corporation, Tex-York Utilities Corporation, Thermatic Combustion Corporation, Thermotite Construction Inc., Thermolar Heater, Inc., Theronoid, Inc., Thermo Mausoleum Company, Thermophor Manufacturing Company, Thlocco Oil Company, The, 13 Products Corporation, Thermic Research Company, Thompson & Black, Inc., Thomas B. Bennett & Company, Thrift Feed Mills, Inc., Thos. H. Ince Corporation, Thompson-Palmer Refrigeration, Inc., Thomson Realty Company, Thomas S. Rockwell Company, Thomas White Corporation, Ticker Forecasts Inc., Tidewater Lines Inc., Tidy Products, Inc., Ticker Wiregram Service, Inc., Tidewater and Western Collieries Company, Titus Development & Sales Co., Tioga Natural Gas Corporation, Ting Ning Lum Yick Society, Titus Oil Company, Tioga Recreation Inc., Time Systems Inc., Toledo Business University Corporation, Tolliver Chevrolet Company, Tompkins Holding Corporation, Tom Huston Frosted Foods, Inc., Today's Printing Corporation, Tom Thumb Corporation, Tonopah-Aspen Mining Company, Townsend Brick Company, Torney Corporation, Topkis Construction Company, Townsite Mining Company, Toteca Petroleum Co., Traders Arbitrage Corporation, TransArtic Submarine Expedition Inc., Triangle Automobile Company, Tri-Continent Refining Corporation, Tradewald Corporation, Trading Corporation of America, Triangle Film Corporation, Travelers Guide & Protective Association, Transcontinental Holding Corporation, Tremont Investment Corporation, Traversity, Inc., The, Traders Investment Corporation, Travelers League Inc., Trinidad Metals Corporation, Trans-Mississippi Utilities Corporation, Tremley Oil Company, Inc., Trinity Oil Corporation, Trefoil Perfumery Corporation, Tremont Realty Co., Inc., Triangle Shipping Company, Tri-State Gas & Oil Corporation, Tri State Broadcasting Corporation, Tri-State Natural Gas Corporation, Triplex Sales Co., Tri-State Service Company, Tri-State Development Company, Tri-State Investment Company, Tri States Power Corporation, Triad Television and Manufacturing Co., Inc., Transatlantic Tours, Inc., Trenton Union Bus Terminal, Inc., Tri-Utilities Securities Corporation, Tri-Utilities Corporation, Tropical Airways, Inc., Tropical Chemicals, Incorporated, Trusound Corporation of America, Trustees of District Parsonage, Incorporated, Tropical Fruit & Land Corporation, Tropical Mining and Developing Corporation, Tupelo Agricultural Company, Tucker County Mining & Development Company, Tulsa Cement Company, Tuckahoe Exchange, Inc., Tug Fidelity Corporation, Tucker-Kenworthy Company, Tularosa Lumber Products Co., Tully Sons & Co., U. S. A., Turbo Aircraft Motor Company Inc., The, Turtle Creek Valley Development Company, Tylac Company of Pittsburgh, 20th Century Garage, Inc., Twin City Motor Car Company, 2101 Connecticut Avenue, Inc., Twin Falls Placer Co., Twin-High Transmission Company Inc., Twin States Natural Gas Company, Twin Theatres Corporation of Chicago.

Uchin & Bell, Inc., U. C. T. Corporation, Uhl Investment Co., of San Francisco, U. S. Alloidal and Plating Co., Inc., U. S. A. Jiffy Fountain Pen Company, U. S. E. Inc., U. S. Export Chemical Corporation, U. S. Food Products Co., U. S. Fire Gard Corporation, U. S. Fluorspar Corporation, U. S. Hoist & Body Co., The, U. S. Navy Review, Inc., The, U. S. National Securities Company, U. S. Railway Metal Cross Tie Co., U. S. Visible Lunch Rooms Inc., U. W. Hutchings, Ltd., Inc., U. X. B. Realty Company, Universal Activities, Incorporated, Unger Aircraft, Incorporated, Universal By-Products Corporation, Universal Clock Corporation, Unity Company, University Catering System, Inc., Universal Charter Company of Delaware, Universal Colonization Company, Unit Corporation of America, The, University Clothes Shop, Inc., Unit Corporation of America, Universal Corporation, The, Universal Engineering Corporation, Universal Freezer Corporation, Universal Health Corporation, Universal Industrial Laboratories, Ltd., Universal Marine Salvage Corporation, Unique Machine Shops, Inc., Universal Mills, Inc., Universal Pajama Corporation, Unangst Pharmacies, Inc., Universal Radio Producers Corporation, Universal Reproducing Corporation, Universal Snapfit Crystal Company, Inc., Units Service Incorporated, Universal Talking Pictures Amplification Inc., United Apartment Owners Management Co., Inc., United Apartment Owners Association, Inc., United Auto Exchange, Inc., United Amusement Company, Inc., United American Service Association, United Aeronautical & Rubber Co. Ltd., United American Utilities Incorporated, Union Beverage Company, United Bankers Corporation, The, United Business Service Inc., Union Bond and Mortgage Company, United Comedy Pictures Corporation, Ltd., United Candy Manufacturing Company, United Contracting Co., United Distributors Corporation, Union Electric Power Corporation, Union Exploration Company, Union Financial Corporation of America, Union Gas Utilities, Inc., United Grape Products, Incorporated, Union Holding Company, United Hotels Company of America, United Hotels of the South and West Inc., United Interstate Finance Company, United Industrial Credits Inc., Union Labor Record Inc., United Motor Terminals, Inc., United Medical Service Corp. Ltd., The, Union National Service Corporation, United Oil Royalties, Inc., United Optical Manufacturing Company, United Outdoor Advertising Association, United Plywood Corporation, United Pan-Col Indies Inc., United Properties Inc., Union Power Corporation, United Radio Utilities Co., Ltd., Union Realty Company, United Securities Company, Union Sand & Gravel Co., United Security Company of Washington, D. C., United Securities & Registry Company, Union Station Garage, Incorporated, United States Air Lines, Inc., United States Bond and Mortgage Corporation of Georgia, United States Consolidated Breweries, Inc., United States Coal Corporation, United States Coal Eliminator Corporation, United States Felstone Company, United States Fruit Distributors Inc., United States Gas & Oil Co., United States Mechanical Engineering Co., Inc., United States Ozone Company, United States Progress Co., United States Rayon Corporation, United States Realty Associates, Inc., United States-South American Import & Export Co., United States Syndicate Corporation, United States Torpedo Co., United Trucking, Inc., United Trade Review, Inc., United Type Founders Company, Union Technical Sales Company, Union Utilities Inc., United Venezuela Oil Corporation, Union Waterworks Company, Utility Appliance Corporation, Ury Corporation, Utiliten Corporation, Utylo Corporation, Utilities Development Company, Utilities Engineering & Service Corporation, Utilities Gas & Electric Company, Utilities Public Service Company, Utility Sales Corporation, Urban and Suburban Real Estate Company, Urban Ventures, Inc.

Vacuum Clutch Control, Inc., Vacuum Mechanical Production Company. V. Z. P. Holding Corporation, Valley Auto Parts, Inc., Valette & Co., Inc., Valley Loan Company, The, Valley Mortgage Co., Valley Sales Corporation, The, Valley Vista Apartment House Co., Van Asalen Construction Co., Inc., Van Gorder Service Inc., Vapor Ice Machine Corporation, Vanity Shoppe Inc., The, Van Sicklen Corporation, Van Slyke Electric Clock Company, Van Tassel Leather Products, Inc., Vaughn T. Bornet & Co., Inc., VendA-Mint, Incorporated, Verille Aircraft Company, Verda Corporation, The, Vetterlein Cornell Corporation, Venezuela Calcining Co., Vending Device Operators, Inc., Vego Flavors Limited, Vetterlein Fuel Company, Venezuelan. Gas Service, Inc., Venoilco, Inc., Verdugo Investment Company, Veteran Motors Corporation, Vel-0- Rose Corporation, Vegidine Products Company, Venezuelan Royalties Corporation, Ventilating Service and Equipment Co., Victor's Cut Price Furniture Stores, Inc., Victor Investment Company, Vigilante, Inc., Victory Motor Car Company, Victory Productions Co., Ltd., Vibra Products Company, Inc., Vienna Ray Corporation of America, Inc., Victors Sandwich Shop, Incorporated, Victory Service Corporation, Vilsack Smith Inc., Victory Sparkler and Specialty Company, Vinton Breather Cap Corporation, Virgil Corporation, Vira Corporation, Vinson & Company, Inc., Vissat Frog and Switch Company, Virginia Food Products Manufacturing Company, The, Vine-Glo Corporation of New York, Vitamin Laboratories, Inc., Vincent Mercaldo Company, The, Virginia Production Company, The, Vitamin Products Corporation, Visugraphic Pictures, Inc., Vino-Sano Distributors, Inc., Vogue Dry Cleaning Company, Vogel Geophysical Exploration Company of Europe, Von Haupt Oil Company, Inc., Vulcan Mining Company, Volkmer Radio Products Corporation, Vogue Women's Shop, Inc.

W. B. Foshay Co., W. C. Manufacturing Company, Inc., W. G. Dress Co., W. H. Haws Hot Top Co., W. H. Drake and Company, W. H. J. Hippie Inc., W. H. McConkey Co., Incorporated, W. J. Warren and Company, W. L. W. Development Company, W. M. Anderson Company, Wa-Ne Publishing Company, W. P. Galloway Company, W. S. S. Securities Corporation, W. T. Scott Engineering & Mnfg. Co., Wacker-Wabash Corporation, Wall Craft Company, Incorporated, The, Walker Craig Corporation, Waller Laboratories, Inc., Wall-weber Rug Cleaning Company, Walter A. Stinsman and Company, Walters, Incorporated of Wilkes-Barre, Walton Realty Co., Walter Ryan Safe Company, Walter W. Ahlschlager Incorporated, Ward-man Annapolis Corporation, Ware Radio Inc., Warehouse Securities Corporation, Warren Life Underwriters, Inc., Warroad Light & Power Company, Warren McArthur Furniture Corporation, Washington Amusement Company, Inc., Washington Associates . Inc., Washington Bus Terminal Company, Washington Credit Finance Corporation, Washington Circle No. 7 Brotherhood of America (H. F.) C of A Inc., Washington Concrete Products Company, Washington Development Company, Waste Fibre Products Company, Washington-Leary Company, Wasserman Manufacturing Company, Wash-O-Matic Corporation, The, Wash-Okla Oil and Gas Company, Washingtonian Publishing Company, Inc., The, Washington Photo Company Incorporated, Washington Realty Company, Washington Refrigeration Company, Washington Securities Corporation, Washington Shade Company, Inc., Washita Supply Corporation, Washington Sign Co., Inc., Washington Service Bureau, Incorporated, Washington Sales Company, Inc., Watkins Process Foreign Royalties Corporation, Watertown Public Service Company, Waterman Worsted Mills Inc., Waukesha Mineral Water Company, Wayne Silk Mills Inc., Weber Knit Hosiery Co., Webwax Corporation, Weiss-Muessel Company, Weideman Oil Company, Welded Tanks, Inc., Wells Air System For Tires, Inc., Wemlinger, Inc., Wellens Pump Corporation, Wellington Process Company, Inc., Western Acceptance Corporation, Western Auto Wreckers, Inc., West Bay Company, The, West Branch Company, Western Baking Company, Western Corporations Consolidated, West Coast Developers Incorporated, West Coast Manganese Corporation, West Coast Public Service Co., Inc., Westview Dairies, Inc., West Dover Farmer Packers, Incorporated, Western Engineering Corporation, Western Fields Petroleum Corporation, Western Granite Company, Inc., Western Gas and Utilities Corporation, The, Western Limestone Products Company, Western Numetals Corporation, Western Natural Gas Corporation, West Philadelphia Securities Corporation, Western States Imperial, Inc., Ltd., Western Syndicate, The, Western Securities Corporation, Western States Land and Live Stock Corp., Ltd., Western States Lumber Company, West Texas Durant Company, West Virginia Natural Gas Company, West Woodridge Theatre Co. Inc., Weymann American Body Company, Wheeling-Aero Exhibitors, Inc., Wheat Cleaning Company, Inc., Wheeling Mold & Foundry Company, Wheal-ton & Townsend, Inc. Ltd., Whistle Company of Baltimore, Whistle Company of Ohio, White Bros. Supply Company, Whiting Co., Inc., Whitecliff Development & Manufacturing Co., White Engineering Corporation, Whole Grain Naturefood Works, Inc., Whitlock Hosiery Corporation, Whiteford & Jawish, Inc., Whitfield-Johnson Motor Company, White Line Tours, Inc., Whoopee Manufacturing Co., Whiting Motor Company, White Manufacturing Corporation, Wholesalers Service Corporation, White's Toilet Goods, Inc., Who's Who Publishing Co. of America, Wickapogue Company, Widener Hardwood Lumber Company, Wick Newspaper Corporation, Wichtex Oil Company, Wm. A. Hill Company, Wilk and Co., Inc., Wilbur Coon Shoes Inc., Willits Corporation, Wilde! Company, The, Willard D. Boyce Inc., William Groff Moyer Laboratories, Inc., William Haines Auto Drivers Arm Rest, Inc., Ltd., Wilbur International Corporation of America, William J. Dougherty Reptile Tanners, Inc., William J. Weaver, Jr., Incorporated, William L. Loper, Inc., William Lenile Company, Williams Oil Company of Ohio, William 0. Shreve & Sons Company, Wilkinson Ranch and Stock Company, Inc., Ltd., Williams' Statistical Organizations, Incorporated, Wilkie Sales & Service, Inc., Wm. Shedd Holton & Company, Inc., Wilckens-Staats Co., William S. Phillips & Company, William Tell Corporation, Williamsport Wholesale Drug Co., Wilmington Athletic Club, Wilmington College of Pharmacy and Science, Inc., Wilmington Lodge No. 184 Loyal Order of Moose, Inc., Wilmington Novelty Store Inc., Wilmington Plastering Company, Wilmington Sporting Club, Wilmington Syndicate Co., Wilson Bros.-Delaware Co., Wilson Bros.-New Jersey Co., Wilson Bros.-New York Co., Wimer, Inc., Wilson Kiln & Dryer Company, Wilsons-999-Corporation, Wiley Wyatt Company, Inc., Winnebago Company, The, Window Equipment Corporation, Windsor Holding Company, Wincliff Inc., Windber Manufacturing Company, Winfield Oil Company, Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Wine and Soda Corporation of Costa Rica, Wisto Company, The, Winter Expansion Company, The, Wisconsin Estate Fund Incorporated, Wisconsin General Mortgage Company, Wisconsin General Finance Corporation, Wisconsin Grant Oil and Gas Company, Wittenberg Construction Company, Witt-Humphrey Steel Company, Woerner Wire &Iron Works Inc., Wollenberger & Co., Wollson Golf Greens Co., Wolverine Home Telephone Company, Wolcott Petroleum Company, Wolf Street Terminal Co., Woman's Aid Publishing Co., Inc., Women's Christian Temperance Union, Woodland Brake and Battery Service, Inc., Woodard, Brooks & Bundy, Incorporated, Woodenware Export Co., The, Woodside Orchard Company, Inc., World Biographical Association Inc., Worth Engineering Company, Inc., World's Fair Amusement Co., World International Pictures, Inc., World War Cyclorama, Inc., Wright, Warlow & Co., Wyoming Products Company, Wyoming Sulphur Compound Company, The.

Yarnall's Hairdressing, Inc., Yadkin, Inc., Youthalene Company, Inc, The, York Corporation, Young Investment Company, Yost-Linn Lumber and Finance Company, York-Penn Gas & Utilities Corporation.

Zickgraf Company, Inc., The, Zavon Company, Incorporated, Zeigler Coal Company, Zenith Investment Company, Zabel Knitting Mills, Inc., Zepp Oil & Gas Company, Zander Oil & Gas Corporation, Zorbit Products Corporation, Zuckerman Services, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, C. D. Buck, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this nineteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and fifty-ninth.

(Great Seal)

By the Governor:


WALTER DENT SMITH, Secretary of State.