Delaware General Assembly



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That Chapter 33 of the Revised Code of Delaware 1915, be and the same is hereby amended by striking out all of 924. Sec. 5 and 926. Sec. 7. thereof, and inserting the following new Sections:

924. Sec. 5. Examinations; Fee; Qualification; Certificate, Renewals; Fee:--Any person not within the provisions of Section 4, or not registering thereunder, desiring to obtain a certificate of registration under this Chapter, shall have at least a fifth grade grammar school education, and shall make application to said Board, and shall pay to the Treasurer of said Board an examination fee of ten dollars, and shall present himself at the next regular meeting of the Board for the examination of applicants; whereupon said Board shall proceed to examine such person, both by written and oral examination, in the scientific fundamentals of Barbering and Barber Science, Histology of the hair, skin, structure of the head, face and neck, elementary chemistry, relating to sterilization and antiseptics, Hygiene Sanitation and Bacteriology, massaging and manipulating the muscles of the scalp, face or neck, and being satisfied that he is above the age of nineteen years, of good moral character, free from contagious diseases, that he has either studied the trade for at least three years as an apprentice under a qualified and practicing barber, or has practiced the trade in another State for at least two years, and is possessed of the requisite skill in said trade to properly perform all the duties thereof, including his ability in the preparation of tools, shaving, hair cutting and all the duties and services incident thereto, the Board shall enter his name in the register hereinafter provided for, and shall issue to him a certificate of registration, authorizing him to practice said trade in said City of Wilmington, which said Certificate shall be good for one year. All persons who shall have passed a successful examination before said Board shall be entitled to receive from said Board a certificate thereafter annually upon the payment of a fee of one dollar.

926. Sec. 7. Apprentices; Limitation of Number; Definition of; Qualifications:--Nothing in this Chapter shall prohibit any person serving as an apprentice to said trade under a barber authorized to practice the same under this Chapter; provided, that in no barber shop in said City of Wilmington shall there be more than one apprentice to one barber authorized under this Chapter to practice said occupation.

An apprentice within the meaning of this Chapter is anyone who has entered into the employment of a qualified barber for a fixed term in order to learn the trade or art of barbering. Every apprentice in said City of Wilmington, in order to avail himself of the provisions of this Chapter, must file with the Secretary of said Board a statement in writing showing the name and place of business of his employer, the date of the commencement of employment with him, and his full name and age, and must be at least sixteen years of age, and shall pay into the Treasury of said Board a fee of one dollar, annually, which fee shall be deposited by the Board with the State Treasurer and credited to the general fund of the State.

Section 2. That Chapter 33 of the Revised Code of Delaware 1915 be and the same is hereby further amended by adding at the end thereof the following additional Section:

932A. Sec. 13A. Establishing a New Barber Shop; Fee; Proviso:--That, in order to establish a new barber shop in the City of Wilmington, the applicant must pay a fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to cover expenses of inspection, which fee shall be deposited by the Board with the State Treasurer and credited to the general fund as other fees. Provided, however, that this Section shall not apply to residents of the State of Delaware.

Approved March 29, 1935.