Delaware General Assembly




Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware (two-thirds of all the Members elected to each House thereof concurring therein):

Section 1. Chapter 1, Title 8 of the Delaware Code is amended by striking out § 344 thereof and substituting and enacting in lieu thereof a new section.

§ 344. Annual report

On or before the 30th day of June in each year, a foreign corporation doing business in this State shall file a report with the Secretary of State. The report shall be made on behalf of the corporation by its president, secretary, treasurer, or other officer duly authorized so to act, or by any two of its directors, or by any two of its incorporators in the event its board of directors shall not have been elected. The fact that an individual's name is signed on a certification attached to a corporate report shall be prima facie evidence that such individual is authorized to certify the report on behalf of the corporation; however, the official title or position of the individual signing the corporate report shall be designated. The report shall be on a calendar year basis and shall state with the degree of particularity required by section 102a (2) of this title, the location of its principal office in this State; the name of the agent upon whom service of process against the corporation may be served; the location or locations (city or cities, town or towns, street or streets, and number of same, if number there be) of the place or places of business of the corporation without this State; the names and addresses of all the directors and officers of the corporation and when the term of each expires; the date appointed for the next annual meeting of the stockholders for the election of directors; the number of shares of each class of the capital stock which is to be issued, if any, and the amount of the par value stock, and the number of shares actually issued of each class of the capital stock which is to be issued, if any, and the amount of par value actually issued; the amount of capital invested in real estate and manufacturing in this State, and the tax paid thereon; and, if exempt from taxation for any cause, the specific facts entitling the corporation to exemption from taxation.

Approved May 22, 1957.