Legislative Print Shop

Mission: To produce documents required by the General Assembly, Division of Research and the Officw of the Controller General.

The Legislative Print Shop strives to produce a quality product in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

Services Provided: Printing of all legislation either in draft form or official form for introduction and enactment by the Delaware General Assembly.  This includes:
  • Senate and House Bills.
  • Senate and House Resolutions.
  • Senate and House Amendments.
  • Daily Calendars.
  • Committee Notices, Agendas, Minutes and Reports.
  • Ready Lists.
  • Engrossed Legislation
  • Reprints of Legislation as needed for legislature and public.
The Print Shop also produces:
  • Governor's advisories of signed legislation.
  • The monthly Register of Regulations.
  • The Landlord Tenant Code.
  • The Divorce Code.
  • A Digest of all enacted legislation.
  • The Constitution of the State of Delaware.
  • Joint Finance & Grant-in-Aid materials, Fiscal Notes, Fiscal Impact Statements, and the annual "Budget Highlights".
  • Task Force Reports.
  • Handout documents for students and tours of Legislative Hall.
Services Offered: Layout and design/scanning/copy ready reproduction.  A variety of binding options offered include - stapling/brads/saddlestitching/spiral binding/glue padding/folding/laminating. 

Donald Sellers - Printer
Robert Lupo - Printer

Office Phone
302-744-4044 In Delaware
Toll Free 1-800-282-8545