Daily Report for 10/1/2021

Governor's Actions

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
HB 34Enact w/o SignD. ShortThis bill removes the option of allowing notification to the public of candidates for Mayor and City Council by posting the names of such candidates in at least five (5) public places in the City rather than having this information published in a newspaper of local and/or general circulation; incorporates City Council's decision to move the Delaware Department of Elections' voter registration system, effective for the 2022 municipal elections; incorporates the City Council's decision to continue utilizing the "Book of Registered Voters" only for non-resident property owners; conforms the titles of the City's election officials to the titles used in Chapter 75 of Title 15 of the Delaware Code entitled "Municipal Elections"; corrects the month during which the elected officials are sworn in and the Vice Mayor elected; and removes the reference to a specific meeting during which appointments of non-elected City officials and staff are made.AN ACT TO AMEND THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF SEAFORD RELATING TO ELECTIONS, REGISTRATION OF VOTERS, APPOINTMENTS OF NON-ELECTED OFFICIALS, AND MONTH ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE SWORN IN.
HB 73SignedMinor-BrownThis Act reflects a recommendation of the 2019 Comprehensive Reentry Plan and Progress Report which allows the Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole officers the flexibility to recommend to a court house arrest (Level IV home confinement) for any probation violator in appropriate circumstances. Under current law, Probation and Parole may not recommend house arrest (Level IV home confinement) for a person who violates probation if the person was initially convicted of a “violent crime.” Accordingly, recommendations pertaining to probation violations for persons convicted of a “violent crime” are limited to Levels 1-3 (a lower level of supervision) or Level V (incarceration) which may be excessive and costly. The Act also makes non-substantive changes to existing law to make it conform to the Legislative Drafting Manual.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 11 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO PROBATION AND PAROLE RECOMMENDATONS FOR HOUSE ARREST.

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